McBoo: Ah Casual Day Hot tub, gym, blah blah blah.

Ella: Hi 3.14 I wonder if Karma knows my metal bending powers?

4.13: You're Weird talking to 3.14.

Ella: What I said your name 4.13! Twice now.

4.13: I guess she doesn't.

Ella: Karma wanna' play soccer.

Karma: (confused) Ok?!

(The two went finding a note there.)

Ella: Huh? Karma read this.

Karma: Ok, 'Islanders, you can be immune from today's vote if your side wins in a in soccer. We have listed the teams here 3.14 could be referee as he probably won't pay attention and head the ball and fall over of something, then we decided It should be Baby Clyde so Baby Clyde is Immune ... anywayz the teams are Ella's Team, Purple Koopa Bro., McBoo, Cherry, Dashed Koopa, Timer, 4.13 and 3.14. Karma's Team = The rest. Set this timer for 10 minutes and the play!' Haha you got 3.14.

Ella: Uhhhh, I'll get them all. I'll also put Baby Clyde out of the way.

(10 Minutes later)

Fire Master: Oh I'm ready! Our team is ready.

Karma: Firstly I'm captain! Secondly, would you set the ball on fire?

Fire Master: Yeah Sure!

Ella: Let's play.

(Karma passed to Ybrik who passed to Yoshbert, the game had kicked off).

Karma: Good shot Ella!

Ella: Thanks Karma!

(4.13 was shouting at 3.14 with him not listening at all wasting chances for Ella's side with Karma's side dominating the game, until seven minutes).

Cherry: Yes I tackled Yoshbert! (Passes to 4.13 and Sprints on. Little did they know that Baby Clyde crawled to the Hotel.

Ella: 4.13 pass! Cherry get ready! (Cherry sprinted on and shot Bannana Jr. headed it as it was going for the post until Ella Bended the Metal goal and Fire Master dived the wrong way, Ella's team celebrated). I can't do that for the Lios Lions!

Fire Master: THAT WAS IN! ME AND Banana Jr. play better than that in the Fantendo Football League!

Banana Jr.: Yeah

Karma: What that counted, where's are ref' Baby Cly-! He's gone! (Karma's Team got on with the game in 10 seconds with Karma trying to get past Timer, she then goes for a shot with no referee to watch).

Ella: Uh, we can't argue.

(30 seconds to go.)

Toadtool: Me and 3.14 found Baby Clyde near the Hotel.

(The game stopped the ball rolling to the post. Timer dived down to catch it, he threw it to the other side of the pitch it 3.14 headed it Fire Master tried to set Fire to the ball and got the net. Ella's side had won)!

Karma: CHEAT!

(Before they could start arguing, a voice announced that Ella would still participate in the vote after Bending metal along with Cherry and 4.13 after cheating, It was silence).

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