They all woke up to see it was 2:00.

Karma: Wow, that vacation-within-vacation was tiring!

Ella: Yeah!

Karma: I'm going to the beach!

Ella: Me too!

Karma: I'm not going if you're going.

Ella: Me neither!

They start fighting.

McBoo: *sighs*

He floats out and goes to the forest. Yoshbert goes to the hot tub.

Yoshbert: Ew! What are my feet touching?

He looks down and sees a rubber eel.


He jumps out of the hot tub. Player is on his balcony, giggling.

Player: Heehee.

Yoshbert stares at Player angrily. He then gets back into the hot tub and takes out the eel. He throws it at Player and Player dodges. Meanwhile, 3.14 and 4.13 are fighting in the pool.

3.14: Take this!

He squirts 4.13 with a water gun.

4.13: Take this!

4.13 does the same thing. This continues. Meanwhile, Clyde is helping doing all the work for Mrs. P in the nursery. Mrs. P is sleeping and Clyde is changing Baby Clyde's diaper.

Clyde: Ew...

Meanwhile, Toadtool is at the pool building something.

3.14: Whatcha doin'?

Toadtool: Building a kiddie pool.

4.13: How come?

Toadtool: So Baby Clyde can go swimming.

Yoshbert: Oh.

Meanwhile, Player is playing practical jokes on everyone. He paints PKB's clothes orange, puts a bucket of whitewash over McBoo's door, throws his screw attack at Ella who screw attacks Karma and they start fighting, and swallows Karma's shell polish. He then laughs at his mishap and sees it's bedtime. They all go to bed.

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