Clyde wakes up to some loud crying. It must be Baby Clyde, he thought. He climbed the steps and looked into the nursery to see Mrs. P trying to calm down the crying Baby Clyde. Soon, McBoo, Player and Ybrik came downstairs too. PKB soon fell down them. They had all been waken up.

McBoo: What's wrong?

Mrs. P: I don't know! I gave him his toy, he threw it away. His bottle, he dumped. He won't let me pick him up...

Player sees Baby Clyde's pacifier laying in the floor. He picks it up and gives it to Baby Clyde. He immediatly calms down.

Mrs. P: Thank you, Player.

They all went back to bed. At noon, they saw a small boat floating into the harbor.

Clyde: Huh?

Karma: I don't know...

They all ran downstairs to see Peanutjon getting out of the boat in a sailor hat. He was in his Kirby form.

Peanutjon: Hello, contestants!

Karma: Hi, creator!

Peanutjon winks at Karma.

Peanutjon: I have to tell you something. Clyde, read this letter to the others.

Clyde took the letter and opened it.

Clyde: "Dear contestants,
We have officially decided that every 6 days, you must do a contest. You will get $5 if you win a contest. This is the first one. Have fun!
Peanutjon." No way!!!

Peanutjon: Have fun!

He handed Clyde 17 pieces of paper. Clyde gave on to each contestant. It was a scavenger list! They ran off. With Karma...

Karma: Let's see... "A Purple Flower". Ok, just have to find a purple flower.

She ran to Mrs. P's garden and saw yellow flowers, but no purple ones.

Karma: I'll just have to look.

Meanwhile, PKB was doing better.

PKB: "Purple Flower"...I know!

He ran into his room. He walks out with a pair of purple socks. He carefully folds them into a purple flower.

PKB: Tada!

He quickly looked at his list to see what was next.

An hour later, Peanutjon returned.

Peanutjon: How did you do?

PKB was the only one that had all of the items. Karma had everything but the purple flower, coming in second and getting $3. Clyde didn't have a pinecone shaped like a Kirby or a maple sap sandwich, coming in third and getting $1. PKB got the $5. Peanutjon then left. The sun then went down and they all went to bed.

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