Everyone woke up. Ella and Karma did first.

Both: I'm going to the pool!

Karma: What? I'm going to the pool!

Ella: No, I am! I decided in my dream!

Karma: I decided before I went to sleep!

Ella: I was asleep LONG before you!

Karma: You wish!

They started fighting. Somehow, Karma had the same strength as Ella. Finally, they woke up McBoo who came in.

McBoo: What now?

Karma: I want to go to the pool, but so does Ella! And I refuse to swim with her!

Ella: Ditto.

McBoo: Why?

Ella: Because Karma always wants to do what she wants, but won't let anyone else decide!

Karma: Ditto.

McBoo: How about you split the pool.

Karma: Well, I get the deeper part so I can swim.

Ella: But I want the deeper part so I can dive!

They start fighting again.

McBoo: STOP!!!

Karma and Ella stop, rather surprised.

McBoo: I'll put a rope down the middle. Now, come out here.

They follow McBoo who puts a rope down the middle longways.

McBoo: That way, you each get shallow and deep.

Karma and Ella nod, then they both start to get in the left side.

Karma: Hey! I want left!

Ella: I got here first!

Karma: No, I did!

Ella: Me!

Karma: Me!

They start fighting again.

McBoo: *sighs*

He walks off, leaving the two to fight alone.


PKB is at the hot tub with Yoshbert, Dashed, Player, Ybrik and Cherry.

PKB: Ahh...this is nice.

They see beach balls flying over at the pool.

Player: Looks much safer then over there.

Everyone else (except PKB) laugh at Player's remark.

Back with Karma and Ella...

They're trying to hit each other with beach balls.

Karma (throwing a ball): Take that!

The ball flies past Ella.

Ella (throwing a ball): Haha, you missed!

The ball flies past Karma.

Karma: So did you.

Ella: Uh oh...

Karma: What?

Ella: We're out of balls.

Karma: Aw...

Ella (throwing a ball): Tricked you!

It hits Karma in the face.

Karma: Hey!

This continues all morning. Finally, they fall asleep in the pool chairs. Everyone else sleeps in the beds.

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