McBoo woke up. It was noon. He got up and saw everyone else was awake already. He saw Player sitting in the corner and walked up to him.

McBoo: What's wrong?

Player: No one will play with me.

McBoo: Why not?

Player: I tried to play Checkers with Karma, but I ate all of my pieces. Then I tried to play baseball with Clyde, Banana Jr. and Timer but I ate the ball when I caught it. Then I played soccer with Ybrik but couldn't kick it because I'm flying. I can't play anything.

Player starts to cry. McBoo sighs.

McBoo: Who kicked you out of the games?

Player: Karma, Clyde and Ybrik.

McBoo: I have an idea.

McBoo whispers to Player his idea. Player nods, then they fly off. McBoo flies to Karma.

McBoo: Hey, want to play a game?

Karma nods. Player flies to Clyde.

Player: Want to play a game?

Clyde nods. McBoo and Player fly to Ybrik.

McBoo: Want to play...

Player: ...a game with...


Ybrik nods. The five of them go out and McBoo pretends to grab a ball.

McBoo: We're playing Ghost Pass!

McBoo pretends to pass the ball to Player, who pretends to pass it to Karma. Karma tries to catch the "ball".

Player: Karma, you missed!

Player flies over and picks up the "ball", then passes it to Ybrik. Ybrik tries to catch it too.

McBoo: Oh, come on, not even close!

McBoo picks up the "ball" and throws it at Clyde. Clyde tries to catch it and McBoo and Player burst into laughter.

Both: You, hahahahha, totally, hahahhahaha, missed!

Clyde, Karma and Ybrik frown and walk away. McBoo and Player laugh even harder.

Player: It, hahahahahahaha, worked!

McBoo: Thought, hahahahahaha, so, hahahahahaha!

They went to bed, seeing it was late, and everyone slept well.

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