Karma and Ella woke up. They had had a lot of dreams about what they could do today.

Karma: Let's go to the pool!

Ella: No, I want to go to the jungle.

Karma: Pool!

Ella: Jungle!

Karma: Pool!!!

Ella: Jungle!!!

Karma: POOL!


McBoo floated in.

McBoo: What is it?

Karma: I want to go to the pool...

Ella: But I want to go to the jungle!

McBoo: Why don't you split up?

Karma: And swim alone?

Ella: And adventure alone?

Both: That's no fun!

McBoo: Ask others to tag along!

Karma grabbed McBoo's hand and ran off. Ella ran to 3.14, 4.13 and Yoshbert's room. Soon, they all had some friends. Here are the lists:

Going to the Pool:


Going to the Jungle:

Banana Jr.

With Karma and co....

Karma: Hey, McBoo! Catch!

She tosses a beachball that flies right through McBoo.

McBoo: I'm a ghost, remember?

Player: I'll get it!

He flies over and puts it in his mouth. He spits it out and it's flat.

Karma: ...Well, let's have a water gun fight.

McBoo: Uh...I'll watch from outside.

Player: Why?

McBoo: I disappear forever if I touch water.

Player: So that's why you've been floating above it...

Karma squirts Yoshbert. He disappears and reappears in an egg beside McBoo.

Karma: ...Maybe we should just swim.

With Ella and co....

Ella: Hey, are there any creatures in this jungle?

Clyde: Not that's known of.

Ella: Aw...How about we climb those trees to look?

Banana Jr.: Ok.

Ella tries climbing but there are no branches to grab on to.

Ella: Boo. Let's just explore.

That night, everyone went to bed and slept.

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