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They wake up. Time for Flame to go home! They all go to the dock and wait for the boat to arrive. Soon, it does.

Captain: Climb aboard, Flame.

He does and Ella Metals gets off, holding a letter.

Ella: Peanutjon told me to give this to you.

Karma: Hm...

Your friend Flame is now gone. So, we've sent Ella Metals to replace him. She will share Karma's room like Flame did. This will happen for a few seasons, but after awhile it will end. Have fun with your new friend.

Karma: Follow me, Ella.

Ella does and they go to Karma's room. Ella sets up her stuff.

Ella: Where can we go now?

Karma: Let's go to the beach.

They all relax at the beach. Karma and Ella are almost always side-by-side. They are obviously close friends. They soon see it's night and go to bed.

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