McBoo floated through the gate. He saw he was the last one that made it. Clyde ran up and greeted him.

Clyde: Welcome, McBoo! Shall I show you your room?

McBoo: Sure.

Clyde led McBoo into the giant mansion. They traveled up 50 steps and Clyde, tiredly, stopped.

Clyde: (pointing at a door to the left) There you go. Hope you like it.

McBoo entered and saw it was totally black with no lights in the room at all. There were lots of Monster posters and other scary thing.

McBoo: I love it! Thanks!

Clyde smiled and walked down the steps. McBoo decided to visit the room across from him. He does and sees 4.13 and 3.14 arguing.

3.14: I want the left side of the bed!

4.13: No, me!

3.14: Me!

4.13: Me!

McBoo ran up between the two.

McBoo: Stop it! This vacation is to relax, not argue.

3.14 scowls at McBoo, but finally gets on the right side of the bed. 4.13 smiles and gets on the left. They fall asleep. McBoo decides to to the same. He enters and lays on his bed, soon fast asleep. He wakes up in the middle of the night hearing footsteps.

McBoo: H-h-hello?

He opens his eyes and see evil-looking white eyes.

McBoo: Hello?

Shadow: Hey, McBoo!

McBoo shrieks. Clyde and Karma dash into the room, followed by 4.13. The shadow had fainted in the noise.

McBoo: W-w-who was that?!

4.13: 3.14! He came in because he was thirsty and we have no bathroom.

McBoo sighs in relief. 4.13 wakes up 3.14 and they all go back to bed. Everyone sleeps well, preparing for the next day...

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