Nightwolf: Now what are we gonna do???

Rhode: Indeed.

Player: Skree.

Micool Koopa: Blast it, you stupid Metroid.....

Rich: I can explain! Um.........

Voice in Rich's mind: Pretend it's a Fandemonium spin-off, why don't you!

Rich: OH! RIGHT!

Micool Koopa: Who are you talking to?

Rich: I just remembered something, that's all. The hosts and I blew up your ship because this is....... uh........ RIGHT! A Fandemonium spin-off!

(Shy Bandit walks up)

Shy Bandit: And Rich and I will be your hosts. Oh, and these folks. (raises hand in the air and a portal appears)

Paul and Nicky: (fall out of portal) OOF!

Paul: Darn it, Nicky, this is ALL YOUR FAULT!

Nicky: Wat? What did I do?

Paul: Nothing much, I was just trying to GET BACK HOME when you let those stupid idiots take our time machine!

Nicky: So how is that my fault?

Shy Bandit: Calm down, both of you! We're here to help.... uh, host a Fandemonium spin-off, that's right!

Rich: Uh-huh, nothing else. Now the rules are (turns to where the fan characters were standing)....... WAIT! Where did they go?

Shy Bandit: Quick! You two robot dudes, go find him!

Paul and Nicky: YES SIR! (run off)

Shy Bandit: We've got to keep those 4 in the dark until we can defeat those four people..... we cannot let them know!

Rich: Four?

Shy Bandit: Ah, yes, minus Happy Face......... hm. Ah well.


(A whole bunch of people wake up in the middle of the town. They are...

Item Master: WHUH?

PKB: What's happening?

Moyan: Woah......

Tatan: Great, that Purple Koopa Bro again........

Dashed Koopa: GAH!

Toadtool: Hey Dashed, what's happening?


Cosmic: LK24, where are we?

Booberry: Where did McBoo go? I was just with him....

Karma: Woooooah.

(Rich walks up)

Rich: Oh great, MORE of them? I'd better tell them........ (tells them they're in the Fandemonium spin-off)

Tatan: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (starts to run away, but Shy Bandit makes a brick wall appear)

Shy Bandit: You're not going anywhere. It's too........ dangerous. I mean, I mean, too boring! Yeah, gotta entertain the audience!

LK24: (walks up to shy bandit) (whispering) Psst.... aren't there supposed to be cameramen if there's an audience?

Shy Bandit: Ummmm....... ummmm........ (whacks LK24 with a frying pan) Nobody will remember this!

Cosmic: Oh, yes, sir... uhhhh....


FIND OUT IN Fanon Trapped/Eps. 4!

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