(Nightwolf, Rhode, Player, and Micool Koopa had been on the island for a while. But they were bored.)

Rhode: Darn it! I'm so bored!

Nightwolf: Darn it! I'm so bored!

Micool Koopa: What you guys said.

Player: Skree.

Rich: You could build your raft up to get off the island.....

Rhode, Nightwolf, Micool Koopa and Player: OK! (walks to port)

Rich:(making sure the 4 are gone) How did I do?

??????: (shape of a short, large square man appears in shadows) Exxxxxcellent.

(later, the 4 contestants have finished with their new raft- it's really really big!)

Micool Koopa and Player: WHOA! We did it!

(in the water.......)

??? 1: Ready?

??? 2: YEAH!

??? 3 and 1: SHUT UP HAPPY FACE!

Happy Face: Sorry, guys.

The Man In The Black Cloak: OK, time to blow it up. (presses button and the three swim away)

(above water.....)

Rich: (walks up) Hey, guys!

Nightwolf: Hi.


Nightwolf: GAH! (turns around and the raft was blown up)

TO BE CONTINUED IN Fanon Trapped/Eps. 3!

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