Fanon Island is an island in the middle of Fanon Ocean. It is where Fanon Vacation takes place.


Fanon Hotel

A giant hotel with a hot tub and a pool where the contestants of Fanon Vacation live. It has almost 50 rooms, almost all of them designed for the character who lives in that room.

Fanon Jungle

A large jungle where strange yet friendly creatures live. It's easy to get lost here. It appeared in Fanon Vacation in Eps. 9. Fire Master and 3.14 played a trick on 4.13 and Flame here.

Fanon Supermarket

A huge market. It has 1,000,000 products. It appeared in Fanon Vacation Eps. 3. It was where Player spent all of 4.13's money.

Fanon Dock

A small dock where the small boat drops off the contestants. It appeared in Eps. 11. Flame was sent off here and Ella arrived here.

Fanon Ocean

A large ocean. It surrounds the island. It appeared in Eps. 4. It was where Player tossed Karma's trophy and where McBoo and Player went swimming to find the trophy.

Fanon Gym

A large gym with an inside pool, a tennis court, a lounge, a basketball court, a football field and a soccer field. It appeared in episodes 8 and 10. In 8, the contestants played here. In 10, they did the voting here.

Big Beach

A large beach on the far side of the island. It appeared in Episode 7. The contestants went here to swim.


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