Fanon Adventured 2: Smashed!!! is the sequel to Fanon Adventures: Heros Vs. Trolls.


It is a lot like the Super Smash Bros. Series only with fanon characters.


Official Artwork Character Biography Moves
Henry-In-3D Henry the Moose Pending... Pending...
MQM car dude McQueen Mario Who is fast, red, and has four wheels? McQueen Mario of course! This race car was training for weeks after finishing the RSN Fiat Racing Tournament and as you know, not many Fiat Racing Tournaments are held these days. Standard Special Move
Oil Leak
Side Special Move
Speed Boost
Up Special Move
Helicopter MQM
Down Special Move
Pit Stop
Final Smash
Monster MQM
3.14 3.14 Pending... Pending...
PalmMan He's a brutal fighter, quick and agile as well as powerful-none other than PalmMan! He locked MineMan, his brutal enemy, away in another dimension just so that he could take part in things like this! Standard Special Move
Up Special Move

Down Special Move
Coconut Bomb
Final Smash
Luxurious Beach PARTY!

More to Come!


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