Fangs is the nineth boss in Skip and Sqak TV Game. He is a giant shark who is in the show 20 000 Coins Under The Sea. He is hired by Rexes to eat the SSFF.


Fangs is the biggest shark on the show. He enjoys eating small fish, so when Rexes came to his world he couldn't wait to eat the SSFF. Fangs decides to set up a trap for the SSFF at his Lake.

As soon as the SSFF came to his lake by swimming through the ocean, Fangs gives them an underwater chase from the lake and through an underwater cave. The SSFF are cornered by a wall with Fangs on their tails, until they swam under an underwater generator.

As the gang go pass the generator, Fangs charges at the generator and bites it but he gets electocuted and disintigrates into pieces.

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