Pop goes the weasel! Hahaha!
When he wins in Sonic Spar

Fang the Sniper is one of the few bosses in Sonic Spar. You fight him in the Casino Night stage as the first boss.


He retains his appearance from Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, but with a new addition, he has a scrape on his tail. He also has two popguns in the game now.



In Story Mode

When Sonic and Tails went to find Knuckles in Casino Night, Fang appears from his Marvelous Queen to face Sonic. However he doesn't work for Eggman to stop him, he just wants to do it for fun since he was beaten by Sonic in Sonic the Fighters.

Battling Fang is very difficult as his popgun does sever damage. However, don't get too close to Fang for ten seconds as he'll attack you. Throwing stuff is the key to defeat Fang.

After defeating Fang, Sonic and Tails went to save Knuckles. Then Fang wasn't seen for the rest of the mode until the end, where he saves the heros on the upgraded Tornado.

Basic Moves

Attack 1 - Fang will hit the opponent with his popgun.

Attack 2 - Fang will slap the opponent.

Attack 3 - Fang will kick the opponent away.

Side Attack - Fang will hit the opponent with two butts of his popguns.

Down Attack - Fang will shoot the opponent's foot with his popgun.

Up Attack - Fang will hit the opponent in the air with his tail or he launches his opponent to the air with his tail.

Grab 1 - Fang grabs his opponent and slaps the opponent.

Grab 2 - Fang will throw his opponent behind him and shoots them in the face.

Special Move: Pop Goes - Fang attacks the opponent and shoots them three times in the back with his popgun.


  • "Pop goes the weasel! Hahaha!" -Victory
  • "What goes up, must pop down!" -After using his Special Move


  • Sometimes, Fang will shoot the opponent four times in his Special Move in Hard Mode.
  • Fang is more difficult than Bean, who is the second boss in the game.