Fandro x Roserade: Calus Edition is a game made by Claus the Mighty. It stars Fandro and his "waifu", Roserade.


Fandro x Roserade: Calus Edition is a stealth game, as Fandro must avoid being seen by people whenever he is near his Roserade girlfriend. If someone sees him, it is an instant game over, and the mission that is currently being played must be restarted.

If people come near Fandro and Roserade, the best solution is to hide in, under, or behind something, adding to the stealth aspect. Once the people start to move away from where Fandro and Roserade are, they can come back out from their hiding spots and start doing their own thing.


A young Pokémon Trainer named Fandro caught a Budew a while before the events of this game. It eventually evolved into a Roselia, and right when the game starts, he finds a Shiny Stone. He uses it on the Roselia and it evolves into Roserade. Right when Fandro first sees the Roserade, he instantly notices how hot it is. Fandro asks the Roserade out, and it accepts.

Fandro and the Roserade start going on dates, which is the main premise of the game, as most of the missions revolve around this. Fandro and Roserade must keep going on dates until they eventually get married. Again, like the dates, no one must see them. Fandro then goes back to his house and steals a bunch of money from his parents so he can get a house. Around the time the house is finished, Fandro's family goes broke. Fandro hears about it, and realizes he is the one to blame.

Fandro gets a job so he can keep making money, and eventually, Fandro and Roserade start a happy family and have three kids; one is a Budew, one is a human, and the other is a Budew/human hybrid. Fandro's brother, Indigo, eventually starts going around and looking for causes for what happened to his family's money due to them now living on the streets because they couldn't afford to live in a house.

One day, a mysterious visitor knocks on Fandro's door. It turns out to be Indigo. Indigo tells Fandro about what happens, and sees Fandro and that he has started a family, and he also notices that his wife is a Roserade. Indigo steals Fandro's car so Fandro can't go to his job anymore. This starts eating up at his profits because he got fired due to never attending, and Indigo steals three quarters of his money.

Indigo starts leaking word about Fandro and his relationship with his Roserade, and eventually a mob comes and burns down Fandro's house. Fandro, Roserade, and their three kids all become hobos, and live on the streets for the rest of their lives, while Indigo and everyone else in Fandro's family eventually become billionares.

However, if you find all of the hidden roses throughout the game, Indigo will crash Fandro's car after stealing it. The crash is so bad, that the cops arrest Indigo because they think he is trying to kill people. When Indigo gets out of jail, he gives the amount of money that he had to pay to the cops to Fandro, and eventually he and Roserade become billionares. Credit to Sketch for this ending


Mission 1: First Date

Fandro and Roserade are having their first date at a lake at sunset. This mission teaches players how to play the game, as there are several things to hide in/under, such as in trash cans, under benches, and up trees. If things are really looking bad, Fandro and Roserade can hide in the lake. This mission is considered successful if Fandro and Roserade eventually kiss.

Mission 2: In the Park

Fandro and Roserade are going on a walk in a park. There are much more people than in Mission 1, however there several more hiding opportunities. There are benches and trash cans like in Mission 1, as well as in hedges, under cars, and in ponds. This mission ends if Fandro and Roserade get through the entire park without being spotted.

Mission 3: Don't Get Caught

Fandro and Roserade are going on a walk through a city. Fandro and Roserade must avoid getting spotted by people, however this city is bustled with people so Fandro and Roserade must be hiding for pretty much the entire time. The city is quite huge, so there are several ways Fandro and Roserade can hide. They must avoid being caught for 2 minutes to complete the mission.

Mission 4: Restaurant Date

Fandro and Roserade are eating at a fancy restaurant; however, Roserade hides under the table while Fandro orders all of the food to eat somewhere else. You play as Roserade, hiding under the table, and trying to obscure peoples' views so they can't see Roserade. Once the food comes, the mission is completed.

Mission 5: Beach Date

Fandro and Roserade are having a date at a beach; they intentionally tried to pick a day where barely anyone would be there. Most of the time Fandro and Roserade will just be relaxing, however if someone comes, the only real hiding spots are in the ocean (sharks will lurk here, so go in wisely), and up palm trees. This mission is completed after two minutes have passed.

Mission 6: Oceanside Hotel

Fandro and Roserade are staying at a hotel near the ocean they were having a date near. Fandro must order the room while Roserade hides from peoples' sight. Once Fandro gets the room, Roserade must slowly follow him and hide from peoples' view. The mission is completed once Roserade reaches the room.

Mission 7: Engagement

After staying the night at the hotel, Fandro decides to propose to Roserade on the beach at dawn, which Roserade eventually accepts. The goal in this mission is to find the perfect place to propose where Fandro and Roserade won't get caught. If the proposal ends successfully without anyone being caught, the mission is a success.

Mission 8: The Wedding

Fandro and Roserade must plan a place to get married where not many people would be at. Once they decide a place, Fandro invites a bunch of other people who are in romantic relationships with their Pokémon to attend the wedding. If anyone who wasn't invited sees the wedding, the mission fails. If it ends successfully with no one seeing it, the mission is completed.

Mission 9: Get a House

Buy a house without anyone noticing Roserade. Game over if anyone sees her.

Mission 10: Indigo

A few years pass, and Indigo, Fandro's brother, decides to notice him, and Roserade/the kids without Indigo seeing them. If the visit goes well without anyone getting noticed, the mission is completed.

Mission 11: No, Wait

Plot twist, Indigo notices Roserade. Now he's telling the entire town about Fandro's secret. Try to convince at least five townspeople to not believe what Indigo is saying, and the mission is a success. If three minutes pass and this isn't accomplished, it is a failure.

Mission 12: The Stolen Car

Indigo stole Fandro's car, and he is trying to get it back. You control Roserade, trying to avoid getting caught by people because of what Indigo did. If five minutes pass and Roserade isn't caught, the mission is a success.

Mission 13: The Mob

You control Roserade, escaping Fandro's burning house (a mob burned it). Don't touch the fire, because Fire-type attacks are super effective against Roserade. Escape the house without getting burned and you win.

Mission 14: Hobo Life

Because of the mob, Fandro and Roserade are now homeless. Wander around town for five minutes without being noticed by any townsfolk. If the time limit ends and Fandro/Roserade haven't been caught, the mission is a success.

Mission 15: A Good Ending

If Fandro and Roserade collect all of the hidden roses throughout the game, this ending will be triggered. Indigo crashes Fandro's car intentionally and gets arrested, and Fandro gets all of the money he lost. Fandro and Roserade eventually get another house, and he and Roserade get rich.


  • One of Fandro and Roserade's children is named Crimson, referencing the Crimson el Roserade series. However, this game has no connection to Crimson el Roserade at all.
  • Fandro's appearance in this game is based on Ethan.


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