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Fandro RPG: Stray By Me
Stray By Me
North American pre-order boxart
Developer(s) Existence Software
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Ltd.
Platform(s) Nintendo Chrome
Release Date(s)
Q1 2016
1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
E10+ (ESRB)
Genre(s) Role Playing Game
Series Fandro RPG
Media Included Chrome Optical Disc

Fandro RPG: Stray By Me is a four player-cooperative RPG and a non-canon installment of the Fandro RPG series. The game features four main playable characters through the main story - Fandro, Bob and the original characters created for the game: Ono and Ari. Similar to the Series Swap Day installment of the Bowie series (BowieQuest RPG), Stray By Me takes place in a pseudo-medieval world and revolves around the usage of magic. The game's director is Jake, who has revealed that the game takes place in an alternate reality and is not canon to the Fandro RPG games.


Another day in the kingdom of Limus, Fandro and his brother Indigo, whom has recently been given time off from the military, decide to try and become closer by going hiking together. They end up at a small, abandoned town, where they meet a single man named Hor. Hor tells them about the evil wizard that attacked their town and warns the two that he may come back. Indigo, with a blind sense of justice, decides that it is his duty to rescue them, and Fandro angrily agrees that, while it is actually the military's duty (confusing a less intelligent Indigo), he agrees that they should do something, and travel back home in order to get supplies. When they return, they find that, the wizard's army is in the process of kidnapping all of their friends and neighbours, and Fandro, acting fast, ends up being able to save his friend Ono before anyone could notice. She thanks them, and the three begin to follow the army, though they soon teleport away using magic.


The gameplay is similar to that of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch: characters fight using magic and weapons inside battle scenarios. Monsters appear in the overworld - a large, Final Fantasy VII-esque map that allows players to travel to various areas - as well as inside of puzzle-filled dungeons. Additionally, players are able to capture Krunchkake's minions ("Creatures") through the use of magical spells. Players can fight with these monsters, though they are completely optional, as capturing them automatically sends them to the Vault. Players can carry three Creatures per party member, and can save an additional 100 in the Vault.

Unlike that of Pokémon, battles against Creatures are not turn-based. Additionally, lower-leveled Creatures will flee from the player, while higher ones will chase the player. Should the Creature attack the player's character from the back, they will be temporarily stunned upon the start of the battle. The same applies should the player attack a Creature from the back.

Dungeons play similar to dungeons found in The Legend of Zelda, in that they contain multiple puzzles that must be completed in order to move on. Additionally, the Creatures found inside the dungeons are always higher-leveled than the player.

Additionally, all party members are weak to Blob Fever, a strange status effect that is created by the Creatures in order to fully attack the Blobs. The Blob Fever effect deals damage as the Blobs move around, and slows them down significantly. One can remedy this by using Creatures, as they are immune to the Blob Fever effect.

In certain, "Green Zone" times, the player is able to socialize with the other characters. Initializing conversations with the characters during these times gives the player more information on the characters, including some character-exclusive conversations. Upgrading your relationship with a character will increase their stat levels, and can change the status effects of their Chemistry Attacks. These "Green Zone" times occur in-between the story.

In battle, some party members are able to do special team moves should they be close enough to each other. These take from the MP meter and deal a high amount of damage; making them useful for boss battles. These moves are called Chemistry Attacks.

Status Ailments

Similar to other RPGs, certain attacks can cause status ailments. The effects of a status ailment can range from taking damage every turn, to simply lowering a stat.


Chemistry Attacks

Chemistry Attacks can be activated in battle when two characters are close enough together, and have a good enough relationship status (level five or higher). All Chemistry Attacks cost 45MP, the most of any attack in the game, though deal massive damage that increases with their relationship. Below is a list of all Chemistry Attacks.

Character 1 Character 2 Description
Fandro Indigo Pteropult
Fandro Ono Power Sword
Fandro Ari Dual Smash
Indigo Ono Bankai Bullet
Indigo Ari Quickfire Smash
Ono Ari Magic Buster


Primary Characters


FRPG-SBM ~ Fandro
Fandro An aggressive Pteroblob, Fandraxono "Fandro" Fusionbolt is the game's main character and namesake. Fandro, trained in many martial arts and street fighting techniques, prefers to fight in hand-to-hand combat, and is quite fast despite being made of a strange slime.
Indigo Fandro's little brother, Bob "Indigo" Fusionbolt is a Pteroblob trained for the Limus Military. Skilled in using most gun classes, Indigo has a "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality that often defeats his common sense, making him somewhat dim-witted with a hidden intellect.
Ono Fandro's childhood friend, Ono is a mysterious Blob woman who rarely speaks about her past. She cares deeply to those she is close to, especially her family, and will do anything to help them. She inherited her now-deceased mother's magical bloodstream, allowing her to be one of the few Blobs capable of learning magic and using the mana around her.
Ari Ari is a mysterious mercenary who travels across Limus. While he carries a large axe, he, like Ono, has magical blood, though not as heightened as Ono's. Ari's magical abilities have been trained mostly in healing, and acts more as a physical-mage. He is encountered by Fandro and his party during their travels, and offers them assistance after helping him slay the Creatures that keep him captive.


FRPG-SBM ~ Krunchkake
Krunchkake A mysterious Blob and one of the few with magic flowing through their bloodstream, Krunchkake is an evil warlock using his magical abilities to conquer Limus using his magically-created minions by converting the local [Ptero-]Blobs that inhabit the region.
FRPG-SBM ~ Arcana
Arcana A dark Pteroblob with various magical abilities. She works under Krunchkake, though her abilities far exceed his, allowing her to create Creatures more vicious than her boss. Arcana is later revealed to be the main antagonist of the game, who created Krunchkake as a way to hide her actions.
FRPG-SBM ~ Dassohan
Dassohan One of Krunchkake's allies, Agent Dassohan is a high-leveled member of the Limus Army who works as a spy for Krunchkake and his allies. He was known to be one of Indigo's best friends while he interned in the army. He, like Indigo, is trained heavily in firearms usage, though can also attack with close range weapons.
Bill Ghoul After Krunchkake's Creatures destroyed his town, Bill Ghoul's sister was kidnapped and forced to work alongside Krunchkake as his minion due to Bill having magical-infused blood. Bill doesn't wish to harm Fandro and his team, though does so only to keep his sister safe.
FRPG-SBM ~ DFandro
Zadico Zadico is an evil clone of Fandro created by Krunchkake. He acts as a rival to Fandro, and is nicknamed Dark Fandro by the heroes. He first shows himself to the heroes after they meet Ari, and reveals that he created the monsters that were hunting down the blob.

Secondary Characters

FRPG-SBM ~ Dalila
Delilah Ghoul Bill Ghoul's young sister held captive by Krunchkake so her brother will work for him. Arcana later reveals that females are able to control magic much better than males, and was using Bill and Delilah as test subjects to determine why that is. Delilah later opens up a shop to aid the heroes, selling various potions to heal their HP and SP.
Han Daisuke Han Daisuke owns a store where he crafts and sells weapons. He will accept materials given to him by the heroes in order to create his weapons. He once worked in the Limus Military, though left after suffering damage to his right arm, making it quite useless.
FRPG-SBM ~ Geoff and Jeff
Jeff and Geoff Jeff and Geoff are two former soldiers in the Limus Military, serving alongside Indigo. They teach Fandro and co. various special attacks that they are unable to learn otherwise, though their services come at a price.

Enemy Characters

FRPG-SBM ~ Domuz
Domuz Domuz are the most basic type of enemy found in the game. Wielding small spears, their attacks are all physical based, and are based around running towards the Blobs with their spears out-stretched. They have very little HP. Several stronger varieties are found throughout the game.
Poison Domuz Poison Domuz are slightly stronger variants of the Domuz enemy. While they continue to wield short spears, they are now tipped with poison, thus dealing poison damage when hit by them.
Flamebrand Flamebrand are a species of flaming imps. They attack with claw swipes and breathing fire. They have very low HP, but can only be hurt by magic attacks.
Hydrobrand Hydrobrand are a species of imp that live underwater. Like the Flamebrand, they attack with claw swipes. Unlike other creatures, they have gills, allowing them to breathe underwater and not take damage from Drowning.
Smallfry A species of snake that look oddly similar to french fries. They come in packs of five or six, and, when in groups, can be very dangerous. The smaller the group is, the less damage they do with their attacks.


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