Can you stop breaking everything that I bring into my house?
Fandro, to his arrogant brother Bob



Fandro SI New

victory art by exo, general art by inferno
Full Name Fandro
Current Age 18
Date of Birth October 8
Gender Male
Species Blob
Pteroblob (FRPGSBM)
Location Dumpstar
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Bob the Blob
Main Weapon(s) Self
Vulnerable To Rocks
First Appearance Demolish Nation

Fandro is a blob with many anger issues and is the main protagonist of the Demolish Nation series, beginning with the game of the same name.  He has a brother known as Bob the Blob.

Game Appearances

Demolish Nation

Fandro RPG: Stray By Me

Fandraxono "Fandro" Fusionbolt appears as the main protagonist, and namesake, of Fandro RPG: Stray By Me. In the game, he uses his anger as a weapon, and can channel his angered aura into strength, giving him superhuman abilities. He is the fastest of the four playable characters, and deals the most damage empty-handed. Despite this, Ari has a stronger attack status.

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Fandro is a default magic character, using negative effects on foes to hinder them.  His attacks stun and hit hard, too.

His home stage is Dumpstar.


Fandro was born in a time of peace and quiet on the planet Blobstar. Fandro went to school under his birth name, "Droxino Magini". It was when he was ten when he was invited aboard a shuttle to have his only chance to see the moon. However, he needed his parents' consent, but when he made it to his home his parents were dead on the floor, to his dismay and horror. As he could not do anything to heal them, he decides to sneak aboard, using an invention from the local school bully to blast to the rocket's top.

Everything went smoothly until Bob came running up to the ship's top, questioning Fandro why he was there and who he was. The two got to know each other well, but the ship eventually lost its air support and the walls were crushing in on them, one hitting Bob hard and twisting his brain, forming an idiotic persona. Eventually, the ship crashed down onto Fandro's home town, destroying everything within a thirty mile radius, forming a desert out from the town that was crashed on, thus forming "Dumpstar".

Fandro and Bob were the only survivors of the twenty eight who went on board the ship. Bob, who had no home now or anyone to take care of him, was taken under the wing by Fandro as his own brother, although he regretted it very soon afterward. A red blob flew onto the scene of action and learned of Fandro's situation and befriended him almost immediately, showing him around where he is and what's going on at the moment.

Days and days pass, and the dumpster Fandro and Bob were in was starting to smell worse and Fandro repetitively got upset from his brother's annoying attitude. An assault was soon launched over the land, forcing Fandro and Bob to go out and see what's going on, alongside Fred. The cruel creature who attacked revealed to be in the sky on a blimp, naming himself "KrunchKake, King of Filth".  Thinking about his dead parents' mysterious death and that king's mysterious appearance, Fandro (falsely) put two and two together and swore revenge on that dark green blob one day...

Physical Appearance

Fandro is a green blob with a red eye and a set of black wings.  Fandro, despite being blob like, can extend furs from his body and warn enemies to go away or they'll be poisoned.  He is at least five feet tall but is very wide and can swallow large objects.  He is also capable of flying but doesn't do that very well.  Fandro's body absorbs elementals, which means that water, fire, and electricity do nothing to him at all.  Fandro also weighs 274 pounds, making him hard to knock back.

In Fandro RPG: Stray By Me, Fandro is of a lighter green colour with a crimson eyeball and black iris. He has two, bat-like wings, marking him as a Pteroblob, that jut out of his back. On his head stick out three spikes, which act as his "hairstyle". This style would later be seen in later restylings of Fandro.


Fandro is a powerful blob with protection against elementals, such as fire and lightning.  He's also very adapt at attacking and using magic skills.  However he has low defense and cannot swim at all.  He's also very slow.

Fandro is capable of gliding through the air with his wings, although he cannot actually fly with them (barring the exception of Stray By Me) he can still go long distances with them and use them as a slow descent.


Fandro is a blob that is always angry, taking his anger out on nearly everyone who tries to attack him, the exceptions being his best friend Fred and Ono.  His sympathy level is extremely low and his chances of saving anyone from a peril are just about zero.  The death of his parents and the confusion of his life drove him to a very short temper and he never goes out of his way to kill his brother Bob or the villain KrunchKake when he does something very wrong.

Fandro actually has very small feelings for Ono, but refuses to admit it and shuts down all possible theories about it by yelling at those people all day.  If Ono tries to contact him when people are near, Fandro refuses to listen to her words, reflecting his stubbornness.



Fandro completely despises Bob, regardless of what he does. While Bob tries his best to keep his brother in a positive mood, it almost never works out and Fandro just smashes him into the ground. Despite the angry one's efforts to kill Bob, the latter's invincibility drowns out his ideas.


Fandro doesn't necessarily like KrunchKake, but sometimes works for him to earn money, even if it means doing wrong things.  If KrunchKake goes too far however, Fandro will attempt killing him.


Fandro hates Ono but at the same time he really doesn't.  Their relationship is really unknown.



  • Despite the fact Fandro has wings, he can't fly with them.  Instead he's only capable of gliding through the air with them.
    • This is contradicted in Stray By Me, where he is shown to be able to fly short distances.
  • The character was originally created by IndigoFusionbolt (tbc).

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