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Title Harvester of Sorrow
Series Syi-Fi
Origin Lurking in the Dark (2015)
Element Nature
Strength Defense
Resistances Earth
Weaknesses Ice
Hyperdrive Language of the Mad
Main Partner Hene
Availability Unlock in Chapter 4

Syi, known by her title Harvester of Sorrow within the game, is one of the main playable characters of Fandraxonian Warfare, and becomes playable starting from Chapter 4, alongside Hene, her main partner. Syi volunteered to join the team as a kind of medic, healing allies on the team.

Out of the game's two main support characters, she's the only one of the two who can attack head on, although she isn't very powerful due to lack of fighting experience. Syi is capable of tossing her vines around an opponent and doing multiple things, from being able to swing them around to sucking off their health.


Scarecrows aren't noted to be too useful, but Syi is a different story, being a medic capable of utilizing scary attack methods. Syi was originally a scarecrow meant to defend a town and provide crops, but ultimately was picked on by many for "looking stupid". Don't mess with her, as it will be the last thing you'll do.

Gameplay style

Syi keeps her distance from enemies, and is set to heal her allies and keep enemies away from them, using her vines to do various things, from healing to attacking. A unique trait of her is that in battle, she is rooted to the ground, so she'll heal for every turn that passes as she gains nutrients from the ground. She is also capable of inflecting paralysis damage on foes, preventing them from doing anything.

Syi, like Crimson and Crymsia, is of the nature element, but sports a different resistance and weakness: earth and ice, respectively. Giving Syi a fire-based partner is vital to her survival, as ice can shut her down, and she is 100% vulnerable to being frozen up and being unable to move. Giving Syi a support partner will further enhance her powers.

When Syi is supposed to counter enemy attacks, she'll use her vines to do so, and these vines can either be used as counters or projectile destroyers. She can also root her vines into the ground so that she can control the ground, shall the enemy attacks be utilizing the ground to attack her team.


Despite her status as a Support member, Syi can also attack. Her attacks usually just use her vines, which can be used to suck up energy from foes, whip them hard, or even carry one up and smash it into another foe. When it comes to supporting, she can sacrifice some of her own health to help her allies recover, or steal energy with her vines and pass it off to other allies rather than herself. Syi can use guns and physical weapons properly.

As Syi is of the Support class, she doesn't have many offensive or defensive moves, but rather has many support moves that can either help her allies, put foes' strategies to a dead end, and the like. She can paralyze foes with her vines, suck off their health, pass health to her allies, and even wrap herself around an ally to guarantee their recovery.

Syi's Hyperdrive is "Language of the Mad", which causes her to summon her partners and attack foes head on, and strike all around with her vines, pulling all the frustration that she's been through into her life in the form of a very strong, very powerful attack that also damages her heavily in the process.

Battle poses / expressions

  • When Syi is at full health or at least above 75% of her full health, she is smiling, keeping herself still, although occasionally pulls up a hand and brushes it through her thick hair.
  • When Syi is at 40% to 75% of her full health, Syi still looks somewhat happy, but she's a bit wobbly and her hands are now being used to wipe dust off her wooden arms.
  • When Syi is at 15% to 40% of her full health, she looks somewhat frightened and is shaking heavily in place, struggling to keep herself up and attempting to smile.
  • When Syi is below 15% of her full health, she starts frantically breathing, overworking herself to stay alive.
  • When Syi is defeated, her vines will cut away from the ground and she'll fall down on her front, face looking slightly torn off.


  • Her title, "Harvester of Sorrow", and Hyperdrive name, "Language of the Mad", are both nods to "Harvester of Sorrow" by Metallica, which in fact has inspired Syi's entire series.

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