Power Icon FW | Snickers | Power Icon FW
Title Politically Incorrect Professional (P.I.P.)
Series General's Journey
Origin General's Journey (2014)
Element Fire
Resistances Nature
Weaknesses Earth
Function Mirror
Availability Unlock in Chapter 22

Snickers, known by his title Politically Incorrect Professional (P.I.P.) within the game, is one of the playable partners of Fandraxonian Warfare, and is the final one to be unlocked / recruited in the game, offering to join the player's quest upon defeat.  His default "master" is Scotch, although the player to assign him to whoever they please.


General Snickers is the rude and politically incorrect brother of Scotch, and is known for being a triple agent, a backstabbing murderer, and also known for killing his own parents out of childish anger. He is laughable in terms of how he behaves, it's quite easy to get a kick out of his behavior, but lo! He's extremely powerful and he's not a commander of aliens and humans alike without reason.

Gameplay style

Snickers starts out to the side of his "master", and moves after they do. Snickers' role as a power character is to help the player smash opponents, and he's really good at this, as his wide range of explosives and his incredible utility to use any of the game's weapons is indeed useful. Notably, he can wrap himself in a storm of flames and tear at the enemy with his Solosis Blade.

General Snickers is unusual for a power character as he actually has a good defense, but on the other hand, when he attacks he's actually quite ruthless and takes damage as he goes. He can choose to mirror attacks - and as long as they're projectiles - he'll successfully send them back at the opponent for twice the damage.

Snickers best works with a support character, as not only will he be able to help them attack, he can also use some of their medical assistance.


  • Snickers is the only character in the whole game to have three words in his title.

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