Balance Icon FW | Shredder | Balance Icon FW
Title Business Blade
Series Anarchy!?
Origin Anarchy!? (2016)
Element Darkness
Strength Speed
Resistances Psychic
Weaknesses Water
Hyperdrive Warping Claw
Main Partner Cupcake
Availability Unlock in Chapter 6

Shredder, known by his title Business Blade within the game, is one of the main playable characters of Fandraxonian Warfare, and becomes playable starting from Chapter 6, alongside Cupcake, his main partner. His job is to sneak on the villains' headquarters and seek out private information.

Shredder is an almost perfect mix of options, in fact, he's a jack-of-all-trades - not exactly great in any of the fields presented in the game, but is able to do each to some success. He's great to use for players willing to have a multi role character in their team.


Although the cross between a businessman and a serial killer is terrifying to look at, he's quite benevolent and very easy to befriend, but you just have to kind of befriend him first. He thought the world going under a mass anarchy was enough! He uses sharp tools to fight.

Gameplay style

Shredder is a long distance attacker, tossing things at great speed, from spears to bombs, and keeps his distance from enemies. Uniquely, he can spend a turn changing up an attack by windmilling his arms, and throw his stuff faster afterwards or deliver a more powerful punch than usual. He can also exert this charged power into extra hit points to heal himself as well, or boost any of his statistics in general. Many of his physical attacks have darkness effects, which deal poison-like damage.

Shredder is of the darkness element, immune to psychic attacks, but weak to water attacks as they'll soak through his protective clothes and damage his body. It is recommended that he fights with a nature partner, like Hene, to ensure his safety on the battlefield. Shredder can create pillars of darkness to form barriers for him to absorb attacks more easily.

When Shredder is supposed to counter enemy attacks, Shredder's supposed to evade projectiles, and take on physical attacks by using a similar force (using darkness to power himself) and push the enemy backwards and punish the enemy's actions by slamming his rock-like head into them.

Something unique about Shredder is that alongside HP and SP counters, he has a DP meter - Darkness Power. When full, he's at his most powerful and his darkness effects are at their best, but as darkness is used, the DP meter drains, and his power level drops. If empty, he can't use darkness - or physically counter attacks. To refuel DP, Shredder needs to hit foes with the Fuel Blade.


Shredder's attacks are done from a long distance - Shredder can fire bombs, tacks, and various other things from a distance, and utilize guns and lasers greatly as he's built to attack from a distance rather than physically. He can create pillars of darkness to defend himself and steal health from foes with a Leech Blade, one of three blades at his disposal, as well as the Fuel Blade and Energy Blade, which helps generate his SP.

As Shredder is of the Balance class, his assets between power, defense, and support are balanced. He's pretty much a distance powerhouse who can support himself neatly and create effective defenses, although he relies on partners to help him hit hard. He's kind of gimmicky so using him wrong can result in consequences. Shredder is very fast, he can attack twice in one turn.

Shredder's Hyperdrive is the "Warping Claw", which has him placing his hand through a portal and opening up several other portals, copying his hand several times and making them claw from every directions on enemies. Afterwards, he goes through the main portal and comes out of it with a huge claw replacing his right hand, attacking with powerful vigor. It will always deal poison damage.

Battle poses / expressions

  • When Shredder is at full health or at least above 75% of his full health, he is standing almost completely still, breathing lowly.
  • When Shredder is at 40% to 75% of his full health, Shredder smiles, activating a chainsaw in his right hand, cackling lowly.
  • When Shredder is at 15% to 40% of his full health, Shredder appears to be somewhat insane, chainsaw at max speed, maniacally laughing.
  • When Shredder is below 15% of his full health, Shredder is at a laughing point that he is dying, struggling to stay up.
  • When Shredder is defeated, he'll quit the fight by disappearing into the shadows, retreating. To get him again, you need to get him from home.


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