Balance Icon FW | Scotch | Balance Icon FW
Title War General
Series General's Journey
Origin Fantendo End (2013)
Element Darkness
Strength Health
Resistances None
Weaknesses None
Hyperdrive Lights Out
Main Partner Oshelia
Availability Unlock in Chapter 8

Scotch, known by his title War General within the game, is one of the main playable characters of Fandraxonian Warfare, and becomes playable starting from Chapter 8, alongside Oshelia, his main partner. Scotch's task is to work with Fandro as a tactician, as well as assemble battle formations for the team.

Scotch has the unique ability to not just assemble his own partners, but the other teammate's partners as well as that teammate, to form unique formations made to avoid enemy attacks. Also unlike the other characters, he can scout for weaknesses of enemies as well as items on the battlefield.


Although he has a heart of steel, he tries not to be too serious, even if he has to carefully lead his troop across field after field, camping inside an uncomfortable home with seven people. He is a master of weaponry, able to use any type of firearms, but has a lack of defense and speed.

Gameplay style

Scotch is a mixture of a physical attacker and a long distance attacker, utilizing both decent physical strength and effective long distance weapons. Scotch's physical attacks, although not too strong, are some of the only defense piercing attacks in the game, and they can help tear through enemies quickly. However that's not his main gimmick; his is to be able to reorganize the positions of everyone on his team so that they can avoid attacks or get closer / further away from enemies, depending on what their strategies are supposed to be.

Scotch is of the darkness element, however he has no resistances or weaknesses, and as such no one needs to cover his weakness as he doesn't have one. Because of his darkness element, he can engulf enemies in poison-like damage and do continuous streaks of damage. It should be noted that Scotch still has weak defenses, so he can't just not have help.

When Scotch is supposed to counter enemy attacks, he will command his partners to help him avoid the attacks, as he is too slow normally to dodge them. By helping him, they either lift Scotch somewhere else or counter the attack.


Scotch's attacks both go between long distance and defense piercing physical combat. Scotch can either fire rapid bullets, large and powerful bombs, or just go straight up to the enemy and do uppercuts and jabs to damage them. He can also set up his partners so that they attack the enemy for him - on his turn. It seems lazy but it prevents Scotch from risking his health as enemies can counter attacks.

As Scotch is of the Balanced class, he has both the advantage of many powerful moves and many ways to defend himself, plus multiple ways to strategize his battles, which also allows him to support his team nicely.

Scotch's Hyperdrive is "Lights Out", which involves him taking out his Umbra Blade, then dashing over from enemy to enemy, hitting them so hard that they go unconscious, then they're all awoken by a demon from under the earth, a nod to Scotch's darkness powers. Afterwards, Scotch greets them from their sleep with a long and powerful slash from the Umbra Blade, doing massive damage. Enemies still surviving become momentarily paralyzed.

Battle poses / expressions

  • When Scotch is at full health or at least above 75% of his full health, he wears a smile, occasionally juggling bombs back and forth whilst holding a marching pose.
  • When Scotch is at 40% to 75% of his full health, Scotch's smile turns into an emotionless expression, marching loyally in place, occasionally rolling bombs across his arms.
  • When Scotch is at 15% to 40% of his full health, he kneels down, as if hurt, and holds a gun in place, looking like he's ready to fire. He's frowning.
  • When Scotch is below 15% of his full health, he kneels down fully, panting for air.
  • When Scotch is defeated, he'll fall unconscious and bleed a bit from his head.