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Title Tireless Spelunker
Series Gangplank Crew
Origin Gangplank Crew (2016)
Element Water
Strength Speed
Resistances Fire
Weaknesses Electricity
Hyperdrive Conversion
Main Partner Odell
Availability Unlock in Chapter 11

Maddison, known by her title Tireless Spelunker within the game, is one of the main playable characters of Fandraxonian Warfare, and becomes playable starting from Chapter 11, alongside Odell, her main partner. Maddison's task is to fill the team with determination and spirit as well as fend Skorp away from them, as she's the only one who can do such.

Out of the game's two main support characters, she's the only one of the two who has direct support, and can heal allies, build up shields, etc., and she cannot attack, and as such she is the only main playable character who cannot attack. Her job is to keep the other members healthy and revive them even if necessary.


When thinking of adventurous people, who do you think of? Robinson Crusoe? I think of Maddison - she's an innocent teenager with nothing more on her mind than the spirit and well being of adventure, and she is good at supporting her allies, including Odell and a few guinea pigs.

Gameplay style

Maddison does not attack, rather, she stays back and helps out with the other main playable characters and the partners, healing them and doing other necessary strategical options. She has a lot of SP, and uniquely she can build hers up again - and potentially others' - by making a wish upon a shooting star, which grants her back 20% of her normal SP amount. Because she cannot attack, she relies on others to help her defeat foes.

Maddison is of the water element, not because she actually has water powers, but because Oshelia gave her a few to help her survive in the story. Maddison cannot use these powers effectively, but she can sponge up liquid attacks and absorb fire without a problem. Her weakness to electricity makes having a partner with earth attacks somewhat necessary.

When Maddison is supposed to counter enemy attacks, well...she can't. She relies on her partners to help her avoid attacks, which spills trouble if she doesn't have any reliable partners. As she has low defense, it is crucial that she avoids those attacks.


Maddison cannot actually attack, as she has only supporting moves. Among these, she can heal herself, her allies, cure status conditions, boost up offense, defense and speed, throw powder of various status effects at foes, create items for the team to eat, or even revive her allies with a "gift from God", which requires five turns to create.

Maddison's Hyperdrive is "Conversion", which has her count up all the damage that the team has taken in the battle and how much damage the team has pulled off against enemies, and she takes a number out of her notebook and flings it into the air, which turns into a massive explosion of green magic which spreads evenly over the team, restoring all HP and half of all SP.

Battle poses / expressions

  • When Maddison is at full health or at least above 75% of her full health, she is smiling, having her arms folded, holding what seems to be a flask in her hand.
  • When Maddison is at 40% to 75% of her full health, she looks more brave than happy, standing whilst moving her legs forward and back, holding a flask.
  • When Maddison is at 15% to 40% of her full health, she looks angry - whilst grinning - vigorously walking back and forth in place.
  • When Maddison is below 15% of her full health, she stops moving, and looks tuckered out, flask dangling loosely from her hand.
  • When Maddison is defeated, she'll fall onto the ground, and groan in pain.


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