Balance Icon FW | Fandro | Balance Icon FW
Title Saint Anger
Series Fandro RPG
Demolish Nation
Origin Fandro RPG: The War Against KrunchKake (2013)
Element None
Strength Speed
Resistances All elements
Weaknesses None
Hyperdrive Mass Annihilation
Main Partner Bob
Availability Default

Fandro, known by his title Saint Anger within the game, is one of the main playable characters of Fandraxonian Warfare, and is one of the two default ones, the other being Bowie.  He is the tactician of the group, leading the group's strategies in battle while Bowie plots out the main course of the game.

Fandro is unique for the fact that he's always airborne, one of the two main playables to do so, the other being Pierce. Fandro can slash his wings into opponents and use firearms, although he can also utilize a shield to block attacks and use remedies to heal himself.


Fandro may look simple, but that body of his can absorb elemental attacks like they were nothing. He is also quite the angry fella, attacking with full-on rage and using shields to block attacks from above and to the sides. It's said his anger came from years of loneliness.

Gameplay style

Fandro is more about physical combat than Bowie, going up close to the enemy and slashing his wings into him, or firing at them up close to ensure his attacks hit. Fandro has three things on him that can be hit by enemies: his main body and both of his wings. If his wings lose all of their health, they'll deactivate and send Fandro onto the ground. This makes Fandro's ability to easily avoid attacks non existent. If he has his wings active, Fandro can pick up enemies and lift them high into the air, then drop them, or do suplex moves.

Fandro is unique as he is the only main playable that doesn't have a direct element, and even more unique that he can absorb elemental attacks. As Fandro does not elemental attacks, it's recommended that he's set up with someone that does have an element so an enemy can't block him permanently from attacking it.

When Fandro is supposed to counter enemy attacks, he uses a gun to shoot them away, or when his wings are up, he can move to the sides, the front, or to the back to dodge the attacks. He can also flutter his wings heavily to reflect projectiles.


Fandro doesn't have a large range of attacks, but he can equip several different types of firearms and non-range weapons to attack due to his expertise with weapons. He can also use his blob structure to spread apart and become many mini Fandros, which decrease his attack power but heavily increase evasion. It's also worth noting that Fandro can use remedies to heal.

As Fandro is of the Balance class, his moves are spread between Power, Defense, and Support, and he has moderate attack power, low defense, and a high amount of health points. Fandro is fast, despite his heavy body, mostly due to his wings - he usually attacks first.

Fandro's Hyperdrive is the "Mass Annihilation", which causes him to cause everyone on his side to give their guns to him, and he places them into new ports all over his body, then fires them at the opposing team. The damage depends on what weapons have been chosen, but bombs and guns do quite well against foes, and the final attack is Fandro utilizing a giant gun, which pierces defenses on contact.

Battle poses / expressions

  • When Fandro is at full health or at least above 75% of his full health, Fandro is giving a somewhat gloomy look, flying in place with his wings beating quickly. Occasionally, he'll fire a gun to his sides.
  • When Fandro is at 40% to 75% of his full health, Fandro looks a bit angry, flying in place slower than with full health, but is seen clinching his "fists" and makes a few insults quietly.
  • When Fandro is at 15% to 40% of his full health, he looks very angry, flying in place very rapidly, this time looking like he has trouble keeping his balance. Occasionally he'll spin in the air.
  • When Fandro is below 15% of his full health, he will continue being angry, and beats so hard that dust rises up from the ground behind him. He'll make gnashing noises towards enemies and look insane.
  • When Fandro is defeated, he'll fall from the air - if he has his wings active - and fall down to the ground, "kneeling". If he lost all his health without wings active, he'll just slump to his side, defeated.


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