Power Icon FW | Ethan | Power Icon FW
Title Champion of Brawn
Series The Realm of Dreams
Origin The Realm of Dreams (2014)
Element Fight
Strength Offense
Resistances None
Weaknesses Air
Hyperdrive Brutality
Main Partner Asher
Availability Unlock in Chapter 2

Ethan, known by his title Champion of Brawn within the game, is one of the main playable characters of Fandraxonian Warfare, and becomes playable starting from Chapter 2, alongside Asher, his main partner. His task in the team is to brutally force enemies out of his way and make a clear path for Bowie and his team to go across.

Ethan is noted both for his immense power and his lack of many unique abilities, and his strategy being to go all out brawn on the opponent, forgetting things like defense.


A tall tower noted as a human being, although he's far from human proportions, fighting with such strength that not even John Cena can exceed his power. While he's a master of fighting, he's actually benevolent and has a kind and gentle soul - a tool that helps with defeating his enemy, the Echeno.

Gameplay style

Unlike all other main playable characters, Ethan is incredibly strong and uses nothing but brute strength to attack his foes. His only unique ability is that the higher his health is, the more power he exerts from his body, and the extra power lowers his health slightly. As such, Ethan almost always fights by getting close to the opponents and using his flurries of punch and kick combinations, as well as grabs and throws, and even pummels and knuckle sandwiches.

Ethan is of the fight element, and while he has no resistances, he's weak to attacks composed of air or having that element, so it's recommended that he fights someone with an ice ability, like Frozerade. Ethan's strength is so powerful that he doesn't need any Power-aligned partners, he should only have Support-aligned ones.

Unlike other main characters, he cannot dodge attacks, so it's completely up to his partner(s) to help fend away attacks. It's completely necessary to block the attacks as Ethan does not have a high amount of health and can be finished off really quickly if the player is careless.


There really isn't much to be said about Ethan except for his immense power, which has already been mentioned a thousand times. His punches can lead up into combos using button combinations, and he can kick, pummel, grab, throw, slam, squeeze, or even suplex his opponents - the possibilities are practically endless. It's worth knowing that if Ethan's fists directly hit the opponent, the most amount of damage possible from the attack is dealt.

As Ethan is of the Power class, he has many moves revolving around offense, but he has almost nothing for defense or support, and is pretty much a one man army. There is almost nothing else to say; Ethan is pretty much nothing else.

Ethan's Hyperdrive is the "Brutality", which is nothing more than a charged flurry of punches and kicks that hits the opponent so hard that it leaves Ethan with one health point just from the impact alone. It's a parody of the "Ultimate" skills from Sonic Battle.

Battle poses / expressions

  • When Ethan is at full health or at least above 75% of his full health, Ethan is standing up, smiling, arms folded, occasionally flexing his right arm.
  • When Ethan is at 40% to 75% of his full health, Ethan is still smiling, but now he's in an actual fighting pose, occasionally punching forward to be intimidating.
  • When Ethan is at 15% to 40% of his full health, he's still smiling but now he looks incredibly vigorous and he's sweating pretty hard.
  • When Ethan is below 15% of his full health, he'll finally become angry and holds his arms in place, surprised at his low health.
  • When Ethan is defeated, he'll fly backwards towards a wall and be slung over it, as if it were the edge of a legit boxing ring.


  • Despite his personality and dreams being more on his "anime" appearance, his physical appearance matches that of his original appearance, with Shadow Inferno (tbc)'s design.

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