Balance Icon FW | Crymsia | Balance Icon FW
Title Brawn Princess
Series Nature Warrior
Origin Nature Warrior (2015)
Element Nature
Strength Offense
Resistances Earth
Weaknesses Fire
Hyperdrive With Me
Main Partner Penny
Availability Unlock in Chapter 12

Crymsia, known by her Brawn Princess in the game, is one of the main playable characters of Fandraxonian Warfare, and becomes playable starting from Chapter 12, alongside Penny, her main partner. Crymsia is the last main character to join the player's party. Crymsia's task is to act as a second jack-of-all-trades, although with extra support options and less emphasis on defense.

Crymsia plays much differently than a lot of characters in the game - while she has basic set ups, her moves are done with button combinations, as are her counters and dodges, not necessarily needing partners as she can be a "one-man army".


Crymsia is a princess, cut from marble, smoother than a storm. She's a somewhat aggressive swordswoman with a benevolent purpose - to restore her world, as well as her friends', back to the way it was supposed to be. Like Syi and Crimson, she is a nature user.

Gameplay style

Crymsia is often set to be close to enemies, and attack them up front with her Rose Blade and vines, and use button combinations to keep racking up damage until either the enemy resists or she's pushed back, or until the player fails to land a button right. In comparison to the other Balanced characters, she has a lot of healing options too, able to use aloe vera to her advantage and heal wounds.

Crymsia, like Crimson and Syi, is of the nature element, and is weak to Fire, yet resistant to Earth. It is recommended that Crymsia has a water partner, like Ashe, to dispose of fire attacks. Crymsia can help fire elementals counter water elementals as well; she can absorb water like it were nothing.

When Crymsia is supposed to counter enemy attacks, she uses her Rose Blade. If the player hits the red button as soon as she's hit with an attack, her blade will counter it back for double the damage. The player must be careful however, as if she fails to counter the attack, she will probably take a lot of damage.


Crymsia has only normal attack: Human Weapon. By choosing this option, Crymsia goes up to an opponent or more and is able to preform various attacks via button combinations. She can slash with her sword, preform jabs, attack foes with vines, or preform some special attacks, all in one turn, but as her attack increases in duration, the buttons require faster input to keep the attack going, and as soon as the player misses a button, the attack ends.

As Crymsia is of the Balance class, she has a mixture of offensive, defensive, and supportive options, although her only offensive options are really the Human Weapon and her hyperdrive attack. She can utilize vines to preform a barrier around herself or use aloe vera alongside various other plant medicines and herbs to heal herself or allies.

Crymsia's Hyperdrive is "With Me", which lifts her into the sky with all enemies, and her blade sharpens up while she transforms into her Hyper Form, leading her to go up to the enemy and start attacking with vigorous slashes, each slash having an explosive effect, and she also attacks with her vines. It's a more powerful version of the Human Weapon, just much more damaging.

Battle poses / expressions

  • When Crymsia is at full health or at least above 75% of her full health, she is sternly standing in place, swinging sword at the ready.
  • When Crymsia is at 40% to 75% of her full health, Crymsia's pose looks about identical, just slower and at times she'll put her mask in place.
  • When Crymsia is at 15% to 40% of her full health, she kneels down slightly, but looks eager to keep fighting, and keeps swinging her sword.
  • When Crymsia is below 15% of her full health, she kneels down onto her knees and begins coughing loudly, striking her sword into the ground to keep balance.
  • When Crymsia is defeated, she falls backwards in defeat, lying on her back.


  • Her Hyperdrive name, "With Me", is named after that one good Sonic song of the same name.