Defense Icon FW | Crimson | Defense Icon FW
Title Forest Wall
Series Crimson el Roserade
Origin Lucha del Roserade (2014)
Element Nature
Strength Defense
Resistances Water
Weaknesses Fire
Hyperdrive Vine Grapple
Main Partner Frozerade
Availability Unlock in Chapter 3

Crimson, known by his title Forest Wall within the game, is one of the main playable characters of Fandraxonian Warfare, and becomes playable starting from Chapter 3, alongside Frozerade, his main partner. His task in the team is to set up proper defenses for the team, as they have very few to begin with.

Crimson is unique within the game as he is the only one who can utilize poison to his advantage, barring Skorp. He also paces back and forth, dodging attacks as he goes to the left and right very quickly, being a dodging pro.


Despite his appearance as an intimidating swordsman, Crimson is moreso based on defending himself against foes and using his powerful counterattacks, utilizing his sword. Crimson has been defending the Eterna Forest, day and night, against the evil Lord Garchomp.

Gameplay style

Crimson is all about close combat, set up to find an opening and attack as soon as one is found, and he slashes his incorporated lance into them, even if their defenses are rock solid - one of Crimson's unique attributes is the ability to ignore defenses. An uncommon battle trait is that when Crimson goes to attack, he can move to the left and right and attack from almost any angle, attempting to find the enemy's "sweet spot". Crimson can also counter by using his sword when an enemy gets close to him, then attack with a powerful blast of energy at double the power.

Crimson is of the nature element, and as such he is weak to fire, meaning that he should have a water partner, like Oshelia, to help him deal with his weakness. He can also use poison to wear down foes, or drink this poison to recover health. As Crimson isn't very powerful, he should also have someone who can either support him or fight with him.

When Crimson is supposed to counter enemy attacks, he will always use his sword to do the countering. The sword can also fling back projectiles effectively or break them apart. If an enemy hits Crimson's battle plates, Crimson will not take damage, further adding to his defenses.


Crimson's attacks are either all about slashing or creating status effects on foes. He can stun, poison, or lull enemies to sleep using various types of powder, or utilize his sword to attack. He can slash in various directions and incorporate poison into his attacks so that foes take constant damage as time goes on. The sides of the sword poison; the tip hits very hard as it is sharp.

As Crimson is of the Defense class, he has many defensive moves, and not an awful lot of offensive moves. He can also utilize status effects and toss them on foes, including the ability to poison, paralyze, burn, or even lower the attack power of foes. He's also pretty fast, but his weak poison resides in health points.

Crimson's Hyperdrive is the "Vine Grapple", which involves him tossing vines from his body onto an opponent, and strangling them with all his might. He'll drain health, and he can drain a lot of it if the player manages to hold onto the enemy for a long time. The Vine Grapple also deals high, normal damage to the enemy, it's not just about giving Crimson extra health.

Battle poses / expressions

  • When Crimson is at full health or at least above 75% of his full health, he is smiling faintly, one leg forward and one leg back, shaking his body slightly with his sword in front of him, occasionally striking a pose.
  • When Crimson is at 40% to 75% of his full health, Crimson loses the smile but maintains the same position, just without striking poses, rather swinging his sword occasionally.
  • When Crimson is at 15% to 40% of his full health, he looks quite intimidating and stands on his right leg, sword in front of him, breathing faintly, slashing his sword various times in front of him as a warning to foes.
  • When Crimson is below 15% of his full health, he will stop most motion, and look dizzy and tuckered out. His sword drags against the floor.
  • When Crimson is defeated, he'll fall with grace, and fall on his front, struggling to stay up, but falls again in utter defeat.


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