In Fandraxonian Warfare, there are many combination moves - moves using the effort of two main characters to be preformed. These moves are usually very powerful and vary heavily in effects, sometimes even utilizing different gameplay combinations to be performed correctly.

Move Name Characters Description
Main Partner
Explosive Whip Bowie Fandro Bowie brings out his rope, and Fandro shoots bullets into the air, which Bowie must snag with his tool.  After collecting many of them, Bowie swings the rope back and over his head into the opponents, creating a large explosion.
Boulder Shatter Fandro Bowie Fandro watches as Bowie carries a huge rock over his head, then he fires at the rock, making it explode into many pieces.  These pieces will hover down slowly in the air, allowing Fandro to shoot them into opponents.
Garden Swing Ethan Crimson Crimson will pluck roots out of the ground, and hurl them into the air, where Ethan must punch them into foes.  Occasionally Crimson will put out some pretty large plants, which deal massive damage if punched.
Power Blade Crimson Ethan Crimson asks Ethan to pick him up, then he spins Crimson around, then fires him off like he were a drill, screwing into opponents with his sword.  The faster the player mashes the red button, the slower he goes and the more damage he racks up.
Mine Blizzard Syi Shredder Shredder fires a long array of mines, which Syi must use a long vine to blow them up.  If all mines are hit, the attack deals a lot of damage, but the player must be wary of being quick to hit them all, or they won't deal that amount of damage.
Petal Blaze Shredder Syi Syi fires many petals into the air, which Shredder is supposed to throw lances through.  The lances that hit the opponent are filled at the tip with poison, so once the attack is done, poison damage is dealt.
Bomb Warp Scotch Pierce Pierce prepares many psychic portals for Scotch, who is to throw ten bombs into them.  The result becomes much mayhem if the player places the portals down correctly - the bombs can teleport around and around and hit opponents for catastrophic damage.
Weapon Shield Pierce Scotch Scotch assembles many weapons together, which Pierce takes up as a powerful shield.  If enemies hit the shield, they'll damage it, but they'll likely be hit by an explosion or some kind of firearms bullet.
Aloe Spread Maddison Crymsia Aloe Spread is a special combination move, as it doesn't attack foes - rather, it spreads medical treatment all over the team to heal status effects such as burns and paralyzation, and especially poison.  It can also heal some hit points.
Formaldehyde Crymsia Maddison Formaldehyde is a poison move preformed by Crymsia, which involves her charging poison from her Rose Blade weapon, and Maddison's job is to take it into a sack and spread it over the enemies, effectively poisoning them.

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