Power Icon FW | Bowie | Power Icon FW
Title Silent Sheriff
Series BowieQuest
Ironworks Pioneers
Origin BowieQuest (2014)
Element Earth
Strength Offense
Resistances Fire
Weaknesses Water
Hyperdrive Rope Storm
Main Partner Ashe
Availability Default

Bowie, known by his title Silent Sheriff within the game, is one of the main playable characters of Fandraxonian Warfare, and is one of the two default ones, the other being Fandro.  He has a major role in the story as being the leader of the Secret League, an organization of heroes from across Zaxina.

Much like his old BowieQuest incarnation, he utilizes earth powers to attack, but also uses ropes and traps to attack his opponents, combining his old playstyles for powerful, long-distance gameplay.


Not only is he a green teddy bear live with colors and spirit, but he is also the sheriff of a teddy bear group who has sworn to fight Endal and destroy the Ironworks and return peace and love to the land that was once free of machinery.  Bowie is a mix between an earth fighter and a cowboy, so he'll utilize both large rocks and ropes to his advantage.

Gameplay style

Bowie plays from a distance, unlike Fandro, and tosses boulders at opponents while also using ropes and traps to keep opponents from touching him physically.  Every time Bowie gets attacked, he gets progressively angrier and more powerful, and eventually after being attacked six times, Bowie becomes really angry and glows a dangerous red color, steam pouring from his ears and body tears, and his normal attack power is multiplied by 2.0.  After three turns or when Bowie eats an item, he calms down.

Bowie is of the earth element, so he's resistant to fire attacks, but weak to anything involving water.  It's recommended that Bowie is set up with a nature partner, such as Crimson, so Bowie can avoid being hit by water.  It's also worth nothing that if Bowie gets hit by water, he immediately enters his enraged form due to his weakness being sought.

When Bowie is supposed to counter enemy attacks, he utilizes a rope whip to hit attacks to lash them away, or use a rock to defend himself from attacks that the rope cannot.


Bowie has a wide range of attacks, most of these either involving his earth powers, including the abilities to harden himself in rock to boost defense and cause a shower of rocks to slay a horde of foes at a high cost of SP, or his cowboy related powers, including the ability to strangle opponents in a rope so they can't attack and smash them into other opponents.

As Bowie is of the Power class, almost all his moves are of that class, and his stuff is high in power and rather high in accuracy as well.  As a consequence, Bowie isn't very fast nor does he have a great defense.

Bowie's Hyperdrive is the "Rope Storm", which causes him to summon a platinum-coated rope, then start whirling it back and forth, and eventually pick up all the enemies and use button combinations to slam the opponents all over the battlefield, and eventually finish them by smashing the storm of foes towards the other teammate for them to attack, flinging all the foes back towards their original location if they haven't been defeated by the move.

Battle poses / expressions

  • When Bowie is at full health or at least above 75% of his full health, Bowie is smiling kind of, and is dancing back and forth on his two legs, occasionally lifting his arms up to point his hat straight forward.
  • When Bowie is at 40% to 75% of his full health, Bowie has a neutral expression, and is forming a normal stance, eventually stopping to scratch his right foot.
  • When Bowie is at 15% to 40% of his full health, Bowie appears to be somewhat angry, and is hopping back and forth in anger, at times he will whip his rope angrily.
  • When Bowie is below 15% of his full health, he will not be angry anymore, and will appear tired and kind of sleepy, leaning his head down while appearing totally numb and limp.
  • When Bowie is defeated, he'll spin around a few times, then lay on his front on the ground, right eye popped out of its "socket".


  • Despite his large gameplay similarities to his old BowieQuest stuff, he retains his Ironworks appearance and acts like those events are canon in comparison to the old Bowie material.

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