Defense Icon FW | Ashe | Defense Icon FW
Title Bloated Defender
Series BowieQuest
Ironworks Pioneers
Origin BowieQuest (2014)
Element Water
Resistances Fire
Weaknesses Electricity
Function Counter-Striker
Availability Default

Ashe, known by his title Bloated Defense within the game, is one of the playable partners of Fandraxonian Warfare, and is one of the two default ones, the other being Bob.  He is automatically tagged with Bowie at the beginning of the game and assists him unless he is assigned to someone else.


Ashe is the son of Bowie, but he sure fights a lot differently.  Unlike his father, he's quite bloated, full of fat, and a great defender with a lot of health, and even uses water instead of earth.  He was trained by Bowie to eventually fight against Endal's forces, so he knows how to do things like countering and attacking back when necessary.

Gameplay style

Ashe is, by default, placed in front of his "master", and makes a move from there.  The player can choose to have Ashe do a weak attack with his sword, prepare to do a physical counter, or form a whirlpool to ensnare enemies in damage for a long period of time. His unique move is to go up in the air and smash downward on his belly, forming a shockwave that trips over enemies.

As Ashe has a lot of health and a solid defense, he'll last a long time on the battlefield even if getting battered constantly by attacks. As a result, if the player fails to counter with Ashe, it shouldn't matter too much as he is not likely to lose much health.

Ashe should be used with main characters that require a good defense.


  • Despite his large gameplay similarities to his old BowieQuest stuff, he retains his Ironworks appearance and acts like those events are canon in comparison to the old Bowie material.

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