Fandraxonian Warfare
Developer(s) TimeStrike
Publisher(s) TimeStrike
Platform(s) The V²
Release Date(s)
December 23rd, 2024
Age Rating(s)
12 (PEGI)
Genre(s) Role-playing game
Series None in particular
Media Included The V² optical disc
Fandraxonian Warfare is the latest big project from .snickedge (tbc), and is a non-canon roleplaying game being released by TimeStrike for The V² and Pacifico systems. It is a huge crossover between snicks'characters and projects from over the ages, their objective being to fight for the fate of the planet, and you can choose your route; good and evil, and master different elements as you go, and even customize your own characters and movesets.

Plotline synopsis

Seven thousand years ago, the God known as the Acebreaker was charging up himself from within Zaxina's frozen core, using all the negative and cold energy to fuel himself enough so he could break away from the core.  If he was released, the world would be in trouble, and eventually he did break free, but was immediately stopped by the prepared Guardian of Zaxina, known as Black Eyes, who sealed him back underground, having prepared for his rise to power and destruction.  Black Eyes was the "brother" of the Acebreaker, having lived with him until he disobeyed the most important rule of the Zaxinaverse: Never create a source of darkness, and ever since he was locked away, he turned traitor against his brother and plotted revenge, although it failed.

At present time, the evil monkey, acknowledged as Endal, the Ender of Worlds, came upon a relic that described this famous story, and he, having built many an empire and powerful sources, not even just his incredible psychic energy, decided to ultimately release it from the world, but he needed help from various villains from throughout.  Using portals, he took villains out of their graves, the future, the past, and flung them all to him, and told them to meet him back at his laboratory.  Once they were there, Endal explained that a great power was waiting to rise from within the planet and that he needed their help not only to awaken the beast, but to also destroy Black Eyes and the new Guardians of Zaxina; Bowie and Fandro.  The villains were unconvinced and told Endal he was full of trash, and angered, he thrust out his power at Silver, the most powerful of the summoned villains, and after taking considerable damage, he told Endal that he would help, and the other villains reluctantly joined Endal.

Bowie and Fandro have been invited over to a party alongside various other heroes to celebrate the 7000th anniversary of the Acebreaker's seal. The party appeared to be fine - Bowie, Fandro, Syi, Ethan, Scotch, you name it, they were having a real blast. However, when the host trips over his cape and reveals himself to be Endal, he orders a waitress - Fudgebuckets - to seize the heroes and hurl them out of the party into wherever he chooses to throw them, and Endal explains just before Bowie is launched that if Bowie doesn't return with the Six Keys of Harmony, he will be exterminated. With that said, Bowie is the last hero to be flung out of the party while the villains rejoice.

Endal sends the villains out to distract the heroes...his plan was going to go well, it didn't even matter if the Acebreaker went against him. The world will be destroyed, and another will be shifted into its place.

Bowie wakes up in the middle of a burning field alongside Fandro, and look around themselves and realize that they're in what appears to be the Western Forest, with the villain Helfire running amok the lands. Thinking that Endal sent him out to defeat Bowie and the others, both heroes chase after Helfire, and the story unfolds. Will Bowie and friends actually come to Endal with the keys? Will Endal truly succeed in awakening the Acebreaker? Nobody knows for sure...and it's up to you to find out!


The player has three different routes they can choose from, named from "Justice" to "Neutral" to "Chaotic". Justice route involves taking out the bad guys and stopping Endal's evil plans while not killing anyone (except Endal, but they can also decide to take the Chaotic route and simply kill everything that stands in their way. If the player does a mix of these options, they choose a Neutral route.

The game ends differently depending on route chosen. The final boss of each route is different, too.


Fandraxonian Warfare is a role playing game that involves player's input during both their own turns and enemies' turns, in a way similar to the Mario & Luigi series. While the game does have an overworld, the game is more-so focused on the battles themselves, although the overworld does have plenty of small puzzles for the player to solve and most cutscenes occur out of battle.


In the overworld, the leading main character roams through a three dimensional landscape, and can talk to other characters, get items, and go shopping for items, weapons, armor, or even brand new moves in general, as long as they're in a city location in the game.


At home, players can rest for free and regain all their health, and safely store items and weapons where no one could ever get them besides themselves. Players can also customize the clothing of their playable characters and partners and view the game's extras, including collected treasures and a coliseum inside a cage that will challenge the player to tougher versions of bosses that they've faced. Players can also change the game's options here.

To get home, players need to open up their Booklet and click on the home key, which brings a small cage into the overworld that sucks the player into it. If the cage is opened in an area that isn't a city, enemies can visit the cage and potentially trash the player's home if they're not defeated first. This can lead to loss of just items and weapons that haven't been equipped that can be bought in stores.


In cities, there are often little risk of enemy attacks, and the player can book themselves at hotels to rest up and heal all health and special points, and at hospitals players that have lost all their health can be revived. Partners are not healed this way - they regain 1 health after a fight, even if they lost consciousness. Players can visit shops, too, and buy various different items.

Outside cities

Outside cities lies the main walking grounds, which can consist of deserts, undersea areas, etc, and enemies can attack you in this area as well as a majority of bosses in the game. Within the areas outside cities, it is rare to come across shops or resting places, and trying to steal things or not pay can result in fights. Areas outside cities often have little civilization so it is important that players always keep on guard.


Within shops, players can buy various items, sell their stuff, and equip different items. Not all shops contain the same stuff, but the further the player progresses into the game, the more items a store will hold in store. Certain items can also become cheaper as time passes. Each store will always have 1 - 4 items on sale, decreasing their prices, and what goes on sale changes each time the player visits.

The Booklet

In the Booklet, the player can do many, many things - including visiting home, saving the game (if in a monster-free area), equipping and unequipping items, change the player's party, and check on statistics. Collectibles and biographies of the players, enemies, bosses, and more can be viewed here.


Battles are started by merely touching an enemy in the overworld, provoking a fight, which often requires some sort of strategy to defeat the foe. Like in Earthbound, when contact is made with an enemy, other enemies from around may gang up on the player. Winning is crucial to keep going.

Main character gameplay

The main playable characters do the most input, having the option to use attacks, special attacks, team moves, items, badges, and other strategy options, and can also swap out their side partners. There can be three main characters on the field at once, too - allowing for team moves. Even though the main playable characters and partners both have health points, it only matters if both main playable characters go down in defeat - it will result in a game over.

Special attacks used by the main characters use up special points (SP), and when a special attack demands for more SP than the player has, it cannot be used.

Partner gameplay

Partners, on the other hand, are assigned (three each) to the main playables, allowing for deep strategy options. The different partners can attack, use a special attack, or use their own unique move to attack. Partners are assigned by class; Power, Defense, Support, or Balanced. Power partners solely attack, Defense partners focus on defending their "master", Support characters help out the player and don't attack, and balanced characters are pretty much in between the aforementioned three classes.

Partners use up SP when they use special attacks - that is, the SP of the players they're assigned to assisting.

As playable characters are unlocked, a partner of theirs becomes playable - the others must be recruited at different intervals in the game. Series-less partners must be defeated before recruiting, besides Ghasja.

Enemy strategy

While the player's turn is active, some enemies are able to counter certain attacks, depending on their weapons and overall design, which may require the player to use different attacks to defeat them. While there are few, there are enemies that can only be hit by their weakness, which requires that the player studies the enemies using the guide character; May.

Enemy's turn

When it is the enemy's turn, the player will need to prepare to counter or even counterstrike the incoming attack(s), or if a defense character is set up to guard the player, they must reflect the attack without fail or lose a lot of health. If the enemy succeeds in attacking the player, the player can attempt healing up their damage (or a support character with medicine ready) and do a better job guarding next time. It is crucial to keep from losing all health points, as it leaves the player unconscious. Enemies that have attacks thrown back at them may be able to unblock the damage and therefore lose health points.

Experience points and leveling up

Once all enemies in a round have been defeated, the players who took part in battle will receive experience points. By reaching a certain amount of experience points, they will level up and choose to spend 16 - 30 "Level Points" on statistics as they please. They must be aware, however, that the game does not automatically raise points, and that they will be doing all the point dealing themselves. So if one spends all points on power, they will not have any boosts in other categories, which may be dangerous for later areas in the game. Players can also get new moves by leveling up.


By getting to certain levels, players can achieve new ranks, which boost each stat by 10, 15, and so on forth until the final rank gives 30 boosts.  The different ranks also give the players privileges to buy new and much more valuable items and players can hold on to more than one weapon at a time and even get the privilege to combine consumable items as a single entry in their inventory.

Colossus Battles

Colossus Battles are a feature of Fandraxonian Warfare which consist of one of the main heroes turning into a gigantic demon that is a heavily modified version of their usual appearance, often going against a villain who has taken drastic measures to defeat the heroes and takes either a machine their size or transforms into a giant like them and perhaps even into a demon.  Colossus Battles are story event battles and there are a limited amount of them, although the players can do Colossus battles again in the training / stadium modes of the game.  They are heavily based off of the Mario & Luigi giant battles featured in Inside Story and Dream Team.

Player's turn

Players will first notice that they do not have partners to back them up, and they only have one main playable character - the one they selected to transform into a giant demon for the fight.  Players have all normal options besides the ones involving partners, and their objective is to destroy the opposer.  Even though players can still attack and use special attacks, they've changed a lot for the boss fight, as the characters are so big that they can do powerful physical attacks even if they're not of the offensive class.  Attacks often consist of button combinations, like those you'd expect in Street Fighter.

Enemy's turn

When the enemy attacks, their attacks will also be large, and the player will be too big to escape these attacks, so they need to counter by defending or do a counterattack.  Enemies can also call upon assistance to damage the player, and possibly even heal.  It takes two turns for the enemy to heal usually, so if the player sees the enemy is going to heal, they need to find a way to shut it down.

Partners' Turn

The main characters' partners from normal gameplay will still assist their character, even if they are too small to do much in the actual battle.  Their options are to heal the player, boost their statistics, or help form a defense line.  The enemy can block character heals just like the player can to them, but unlike the enemy, they can counter the enemy's efforts to shut down the healing process.

Experience points and leveling up

It's an identical experience to normal battle endings, except that the main character gets a huge buff of new statistics and experience points are sharply increased.  Partners that helped the player also get large amounts of experience points.



In Fandraxonian Warfare, there are many characters to play as, despite the game being of the role-playing genre. The wide cast of characters emerges from all over the eternity of Zaxina, from the kindest places to the cruelest incarnations of hell. Just about every character that can be played as is a hero of sorts, although occasionally a villain turns good and joins your side for the better, although most of those must be fought before they can be recruited.

As far as main characters go, there are ten of them. These are the characters who matter most not just in gameplay, but in the story itself. They have the most hit points and the most vital roles in gameplay. All main characters are the main protagonist of some franchise of snicks' or are at least the most important heroes in certain stories. Main characters are highlighted in bold.

There are forty partners, twelve that are optional. These help the main characters in the game with their own moves and have their own unique option when the player is using that partner. They share their special points with their "master character". Each partner is either a leading character of an unimportant fiction / work or a supporting / major / assisting character in another project. These characters are highlighted in italics.

Here are the characters' combination moves.

Series Description
Ironworks A series about a group of teddy bears who are wanting to overthrow an evil mechanical monkey from power. The reason is that the Ironworks - Endal's giant city - is corrupting the land that the bears' land used to be on, and they decided to declare war on him, despite his power and numerous minions that help him out in those projects.
Bowie · Ashe · Flare · Windi · Sabeuxo · X
Demolish Nation Demolish Nation is about Fandro and a bunch of similar blobs who wish to overthrow King KrunchKake's empire of rich people and rich things and take it all back to the poor - and get revenge on KrunchKake for all the stupid stuff he's done so often in the past. Explosives, weapons of mass destruction, and cruelty say a lot about this series.
Fandro · Bob · Ono · Ari · Thyiris
The Realm of Dreams The Realm of Dreams is a series about some kids who try to save the world from this dude known as the Echeno, who is plunging the world into a chaos of nightmares. Original, amirite? The difference is that these kids have somewhat normal abilities, but also wield some pretty gosh darn powerful weapons at their disposal.
Ethan · Asher · Arionna · Ziegs
Crimson el Roserade Crimson el Roserade is the backbone of new projects from .snickedge, featuring a rose warrior who's mission is to slay the dragon Lord Garchomp and bring peace back to their home; the Eterna Forest. Chivalry and medieval history form up this incarnation of the Eterna Forest as well as this series itself.
Crimson · Frozerade · Wyvane*
Syi-Fi Syi-Fi is an odd one, featuring a teenage scarecrow who's mission is an ordinary life that's not full of misery or traps with her limited circle of friends. It seems dark and edgy but it's a build up of emotions and endless paths of cruelty and destruction: the description of her home planet. Hynau is a terrible town.
Syi · Hene · Scarecrow Kid*
Anarchy!? Anarchy!? is yet another strange series featuring Shredder and Cupcake who are to conquer the spreaders of anarchy and restore power and balance to the world's governments, even if it means war. Of course, Anarchy!? requires much mind strategy to convert the world's people back to their original state and break hypnosis.
Shredder · Cupcake
General's Journey General's Journey is a large project featuring a teenage general and his group of trusted friends who are to fight off aliens, stop the meaning of war, and try to restore the world before it collapses on itself, even if it takes generations of children to do it. Love, bitterness, and respect are three main subjects from the series.
Scotch · Oshelia · Brook · Keil · Syande · Charmine · Snickers*
Split Personality The darkest of the series represented, and the only one that can be fully regarded as edgy - think of General's Journey with the group of friends thing, but replace love, bitterness and respect with hatred, pity, and terrorism. One can see the setting as an apocalyptic version of the planet Earth.
Pierce · FDX83 · Clair · Werine · Devina*
Gangplank Crew Gangplank Crew features a group of pirates and small kids who are trying to make it back to the lands that they were drifted away from, and overcome the dangers of the large island they live on, including the infamous Skorp person. A series using survival, courage, and even mutiny and things like that.
Maddison · Odell · Skorp
Nature Warrior A series that originally replaced Crimson el Roserade but now just looks like an alternative reality of it. The premise is that the Floral Kingdom was attacked and that a few people, including a princess, want to avenge it by eliminating the forces of evil by using their grand and wonderful powers, as well as wisdom.
Crymsia · Penny · Dustai · Valentine
Other These either used to have a series or their games never really came into existence, or they just don't have a franchise.
Ghasja · Revensko* · Frink* · Guinea Pig Duo* · Chezen* · Remembra* · Salvador* · Francesca* · Chang* · Ike
DLC Characters that don't belong to snick in any sense that can be bought to join the fighters' quest.
Alice · Amaia · Fire · Jake · Leah · Meta-Form · Nizzle & Zorp · Sly · Smile · Volt
Version Exclusives Four extra characters join the player's quest, depending on console.
V²: Attica · Rephael · Samus & R.O.B. · Unten
Pacifico: Aloe · Averia · Bayonetta · Tess
  • = Optional recruit; must be fought first


There are a slew of antagonists in the game. In fact, there are twenty overall, although you can get three to join your forces after a harsh battle. All antagonists are different from one another and sport different battle styles when you fight them, and each antagonist is assigned to a part of the story that you fight them in. They are all assigned by Power Rank, too - how much of value Endal considers each to be, including himself.

Name Series Main Antagonist of: Power
Endal Ironworks Part V A
Endal is the main antagonist of the Ironworks series, and is in fact one of the most powerful villains of the Zaxinaverse, having both the power to transform land into industrial waste and use psychic powers to toss everything around.  His main enemy has been always Bowie, but after recruiting a league of villains, he doesn't quite thing Bowie stands a chance.
King KrunchKake Demolish Nation Part IV C
King KrunchKake is the foul smelling king of a rich land, and will never hesitate to brag about rich he is or his kingdom.  In fact, his only goal is to get even richer and steal the land of the poor and gain money off of that, and because of that Fandro has set up a small army to break down all of his stuff.  He sits there in his throne and has plans on "how to make Petrlob great again".
Zadico Demolish Nation Part IV B
Zadico is what's been called a "dark clone" of Fandro, except he's nowhere as obnoxious or angry.  In fact, he's a calm hearted demon who has the potential to absorb the world into deep darkness, and harnesses some of the Echeno's energy to keep that power intact.  He can transform into a disgusting and deformed demon and unleash his power on the rest of the world.
The Echeno The Realm of Dreams Part III B
The Echeno is a mysterious...haunted bookshelf who hides within the realms of children all over the world.  His power is tremendous physically...he can kill mortals in one bite, and crush others to death, which is how Ethan and his friends came to try and take him down by force.  He fights well however and manages enemies of darkness.  He helps Endal by luring others to sleep.
Lord Garchomp Crimson el Roserade Part III D
Lord Garchomp is the ruler of his race in the Eterna Forest, taking residence in the Dragon's Grotto territory.  Unfortunately for him, he is not a much wanted minion of Endal, and is usually kept far away from the more important troops.  He's ruthless, strong, and able to turn others into bite-sized meat pieces with a swing of his arm blades.  His arch rival is Crimson.
Salvin Crimson el Roserade Part II E
Salvin, known as the Silver Knight as a villain, is a high ranking commander of Lord Garchomp, but barely manages to keep his "E" status as a member of Endal's forces.  He fights very much like Crimson, mimicking his style and moves, but can't do too much else other than use healing medicine and run away from combat.  He can be recruited by the player and therefore betray Endal.
Shaan Anarchy!? Part IV B
Shaan is the leader of the Anarchy Titans and has hypnotized all across the Earth to disrespect the rules and to do as they please, forming a worldwide anarchy.  Even when most people have regained their senses back, Shaan still holds himself strong, using many firearms to attack as well as great guts and a powerful spirit to boot.  He really despises swordsmen.
Xtise General's Journey Part V B
Xtise Stquse, known as Commander Alien by Scotch's team, is a high ranking threat that has successfully conquered Zonar by spreading aliens throughout the world and getting them to fight the human race without much problems.  Although Scotch and friends always find ways to counter him, he always repairs himself and his army and keeps going about on his goals.  He's rude, disrespectful, and oblivious to emotions.
Snickers General's Journey Part IV C
General Snickers is Scotch's evil brother who has been a high ranking member of Commander Alien's army for plenty of years, going against his own teams and even the alien himself on occasion.  Rude, snarky, and full of insults, he's sure to give everyone a bad time.  He attacks with many firearms, powerful physical strength, and insults - he can be recruited, however, and as such he can betray Endal.
Skorp Gangplank Crew Part III D
Skorp is a tough-armored foe who has been stranded on an island, keeping himself away from society and being located in the center of the island, stalking others who are on that island and killing them upon close contact.  He's very poisonous and dangerous and often avoided by those who are aware of him.  He can be recruited so he can break away from Endal's forces.
Captain Glimmer Gangplank Crew Part II D
Captain Glimmer is a bloodthirsty pirate who loves nothing more than the value of gold and other treasures, and fights others to gain their treasures.  She often makes big risks to get more money.  However, if she is without money for a long time, she starts becoming very not human like and becomes more of a berserk monster, going out of her way to kill for cash.
Nightshade Nature Warrior Part IV C
Nightshade is a dark mage who is known for his broken English and his scientific accomplishments.  Despite high power, he's only at Rank C because of the fact that he has rebelled against Endal many a time and at times even betrayed him.  His original goal was to capture Crymsia and sell her for a high sum of cash in the marketplace, dead.
Silver Nature Warrior Part V A
Silver is dark, in a deep melancholy, and is very disappointed with his life, yet he's ultimately powerful, just about as strong as Endal, and the leader of a large organization of villains, even before Endal recruited him.  His original goal was to tell people that life was meaningless and needed to be destroyed, as there is no true conclusion to it, but Crymsia has reverted him from saying those things again and again.
Helfire Nature Warrior Part I D
Helfire is a young kid who wants to be evil like his deceased parents, but is not really able to do so successfully.  Despite such, he has a little stronghold built by Endal to guard him.  He's fond of fire and uses it in battle against his opponents, and can also utilize ice when he's being cold.  Get it?  Okay can someone boo me off the stage now?
Sam Ordinary Mailman Part I E
An old man of vast obesity and more, he's an insult to everyone and everything, and is actually a pathetic villain that was meant to do nothing more than lead Bowie's party to its doom, although failed to do so by being too lazy to actually lay down his plans and make them effectively work.  As a result, he was killed in combat.
"Final Boss" Cage Warriors Part IV C
The "Final Boss" is a weapon built to destroy the guinea pig duo known as Elvis and Pecan, and is actually a pretty powerful boss, hosting missiles, bombs, giant arms, and various generic items that a final boss might use.  In fact, he's a parody of most final bosses, made to be obscenely difficult to defeat and has generic powers usually reserved for final bosses.
Ginger Various Part II B
Contains information that will spoil the eventually coming story.
Fandraxono Various Part Final B
The God of Zaxina, and a God that can't really control himself properly, in fact, his power is held together by the Acebreaker and Colossus, his two other selves.  Fandraxono is very powerful, but he's rank B for being unable to keep himself together properly.  When not mindlessly destroying things, he tries to tell corny jokes and spend time with "family".
The Acebreaker Syi-Fi Part Final S
The Acebreaker is one of Fandraxono's "brothers", and is the true main antagonist of Zaxina, having a stable mind, immense power, and is just incomplete without having Fandraxono inside of him.  He is the leader of the Fandraxonians and sends them out to fight various forces.  He is controlling Endal from the inside ever since he woke him up.
Colossus Split Personality Part Final A
Colossus is the true mind of the three main Fandraxonians, and is an intelligent being also known as "Black Eyes" by Devina.  He is stealthy, the creator of a massive horde of homocidal robots, and so many other things that quite wrong and disturbing.  He kills people and animals just for fun, calling it "exciting".


World Name Description Part
Royal Castletown

Royal Castletown is the very first area that you visit in Fandraxonian Warfare.  There are very few enemies to face here and just about everyone is friendly.  Shops are weak and generally everything is weak, but it's a good place to start for sure.

The boss - well the tutorial boss - is Ethan.

Part I
Candy Driftway
Fiery Shrine
Tangerine Timberland Part II
Amber Jungle
Autumn Beanstalk
Dream Realm
Nightmare Mountain
Bankrupt Wastelands Part III
Ancient Grasslands
Battlefront Canyon
Dragon's Mine
Fright Tower
Christmas Boondocks Part IV
Foggy Harbor
General's Hideout
Underground Plunge
Airborne Empire Part V
Snickers' Airship
Mile-High Farm
Genocide City
Venom Isle
Deep Descent Part VI
The HyperSpace


There are many items in the game, divided by equipment and non equipment.  Items can be necessary at times to keep yourself healthy throughout your adventure, or equip you with better weapons or armor than you had before.  Many items can be found in the game's shops, more powerful items being found often as the game progresses, although at times you can actually find items simply lying down on the ground or obtain items from enemies / bosses.

In the game's shops, you have to use in-game money to purchase items / weapons / armor.  To find money, you have to defeat enemies or find sacks of money in the overworld of varying sizes.  To obtain quick money, you can also sell items or trade in jewels for coins.  Coins are the game's currency, and are your only way to get things from the shops, barring a few items that require the aforementioned jewels.

Jewels are the other game's currency, although isn't used as much.  One jewel is about the value of a thousand coins, so they're pretty rare, yet some of the best items in the game can ONLY be purchased with jewels.  To find jewels, you'll need to search hard in the game's dungeons, occasionally you'll come across one or two.  Be aware that jewels are the focus of many traps too, so you can get involved in battles just over the jewel.  Use a lot of caution!

Non equipment

If something cannot be classified as a weapon or as armor, then it's not really equipment.  Non equipment usually include things like potions, food, etc., and at times things like bombs and one-use weapons are also included.  Consumable product shops are operated by Gary, from BowieQuest.  What, you don't remember Gary?  Everyone remembers Gary! the meanwhile, non-consumable product shops are operated by Oscargen, from BowieQuest as well.


Name Description Effect
Simple Potion A green substance in a bottle.  It looks gross, but it tastes like limes.  Even if you don't like limes, you have to admit that it's a cool touch. Drinking the Simple Potion restores 20% of your overall health.
Complex Potion A red substance in a bottle.  It actually is gross - it tastes like beets.  Even if you like beets you have to admit that it's gross.  Keep out of reach of children.

Drinking the Complex Potion restores 60% of your overall health.

50% chance of power boost.

Special Donut This mystical magenta glowing donut has haunted old places for centuries and centuries on end.  Why?  It restores something super powerful. Eating the Special Donut restores 20% of your overall SP.
Booster Drink This awkwardly shiny drink tastes like citrus, but it leaves some really bad aftertaste in your mouth.  If allergic to citrus, avoid. Drinking the Booster Drink boosts a random stat by 10%.


Name Description Effect
Flamethrower You use this to like, BURN stuff, my captain!  It doesn't have an indefinite number of uses but if you don't feel like wasting SP or doing a normal attack, be cheap with the flamethrower. A different attack that deals 5 hit point damage per hit.  Has a 10% chance of burning enemies that come in contact with the flames.
Reflector This pink projectile emerges itself from a pathetically tiny mechanical device and forms a shield that reflects attacks at the get go.  Not satisfying enough?  Well too bad, nothing else special about it. When the reflector is turned on, it'll reflect projectiles back to the sender, although physical attacks will not be reflected.
Sticky Bomb A red and really slimy bomb that attaches itself to foes.  Talk about disgusting!  What's even more disturbing is that it blows up and releases slime everywhere on the team.  What a slowdown! When the sticky bomb is tossed, it'll latch itself onto a foe, then blow up in a few turns, spreading slime everywhere that does slowdown.
Tack A simple thumbtack with a generic color thumbnail in your items menu.  You'd think we'd get more creative than a thumbtack?  Nah.  Luckily they're really cheap though. Toss this onto the ground for enemies to step on.  If they step onto it whilst coming to you, they'll cancel their move and take damage.


Equipment is necessary for suiting yourself to future situations where your current stuff may not be enough to overcome the foes ahead.  Upgrading to new weapons and armor is almost always necessary to keep progressing, as some battles may be almost impossible without new tools.  The equipment shops are always hosted by Spade, who has reformed from evil activity.


Name Description POW ACC
Styrofoam Fist A fist of early fury. It doesn't deal much damage but it has a full on chance of hitting, unlike the majority of Bowie's later weapons. 10 100%
Worker's Glove Some worker must have left this glove behind by accident, especially since it's not in a pair. It's fairly powerful but doesn't hit always. 25 90%
Stretch Rope The Stretch Rope is Bowie's first true rope weapon. It's a longer version of his normal attack, but strangles foes. 35 95%
Granite Glove This weapon may not have a large chance of hitting, but when it does hit, effects can be catastrophic on its challengers. 60 80%
Shocker Whip The Shocker Whip may not seem like much, but when it hits foes, not only do they take damage, they also become paralyzed. 50 85%
Bowling Rocket A bowling ball at high speeds? What a joke! Not this one though...when it's fired, this twenty pound weight hits enemies straight in the gut. 80 75%
Stone Rope This rope, made of stone, is not used for lassoing. It's actually just a good weapon to hit heads with. 95 80%
Volcanic Fury When this fist goes flying, you'll feel a scorching burn that's difficult to shake off. Hard to hit with but very powerful. 125 65%
Grand Rope The best rope there is. Once Bowie swings this rope around an enemy, they'll be swung to the dungeon. Painfully. 105 80%
Meteor Smash Bowie's last attack available to get. This powerful attack will wipe foes out of existence and utilize Bowie's max strength. 130 90%

Name Description POW ACC

Name Description POW ACC
Slammer Ring Even if Ethan doesn't need weapons, this weapon will get Ethan to grab an opponent and go up into the air with them, then slam them down hard. 20 95%
Windmill Cybernetic A coat of fancy metal that covers Ethan's right arm. It allows the arm to flex enough to windmill around and around and hit foes for immense damage. 50 100%
Charge Ring By holding himself back and slowly pacing, he'll charge up energy, then race forward to deal damage - headstrong guy, huh? 60 90%
Axe Cybernetic When Ethan puts on the leg cybernetic, he can preform a fast kick forwards that swings like an axe. Deals heavy damage. 80 90%
Pressure Ring Ethan goes up to an opponent, picks them up, then slams them into the ground, and smashes his foot on them, unless they have a spiky shield. Uses all weight. 110 75%
Quake Cybernetic This chestplate cybernetic allows Ethan to go up into the air and slam down on his belly, causing an earthquake that topples foes and deals quite a lot of damage. 120 85%
Combo Ring This impressive ring allows Ethan to pick up an opponent and toss them through lines of others on the battlefield to rack up damage. - -
Dual Cybernetics Ethan places both his enhanced arms forward, then slams them straight into the opponent for simple, yet high damage that isn't likely to miss. 150 95%
Tornado Ring Ethan winds up in place, then goes about like a tornado, smashing through everything through his path with his windmilling arms. 170 -
Death Chain This deadly chain of attacks is Ethan's most powerful; he goes up to an enemy and utilizes the various cybernetics and rings used throughout the adventure. 195 90%

Name Description POW ACC

Name Description POW ACC

Name Description POW ACC

Name Description POW ACC

Name Description POW ACC

Name Description POW ACC

Name Description POW ACC


Name Description DEF HP+
Pebble Coat I mean pebbles are tiny but there's enough in this coat to form an honorable shield. It can protect against the cold - and block ice attacks. 15 15
Stone Guard Bowie coats himself in rock, forming an entirely new layer of defense. The stone shield blocks off bullet attacks, including gunfire. 30 15
Barrel Armor Bowie gets into a barrel, forming yet another bullet repelant armor. What else? It doesn't heal any HP but it's such a thick shield that it's honorable enough. 50 0
Granite Slab The granite slab isn't really armor, but Bowie always holds it in front of him. This time, it can't repel bullets, but it can block fire. 60 0
Tree Cover Bowie fits himself into the trunk of a tree, which absorbs energy from the ground. Not much of an improvement over a granite slab but it heavily raises health. 65 40
Boulder Suit This suit is made of rock, and it's covered by rubber to repel water. How fantastic! It reduces movement a bit but that's alright. 80 50
King's Armor The ultimate armor for Bowie. By wearing this, Bowie's defense goes over 100 and his health increases by 70. What a deal, no? 100 70

Name Description DEF HP+

Name Description DEF HP+
Biker Armor It's not that great of an armor, but it allows Ethan to take hits somewhat better. At least you know that he won't die to super weak hits now. 20 5
Knight Armor This is quite the upgrade for Biker Armor, taking Ethan's defense and health to new heights. Sword and shield not included. 50 15
Mix Armor The Biker armor and Knight armor form a pretty nice combination. Sword and shield still not included. Bike not included. 70 20
Thick Armor It may not be a good health raiser, but this shield is more than capable of helping Ethan survive in battle. 100 10
Pegasus Hooves This incredibly lightweight armor is pretty much the Mix armor, but now with more durability and much more health recovery. 70 60
Final Armor It ain't really the final armor, but it's a deadly armor with a toxic outside that poisons foes on contact, and it resists elemental powers, too. Not big on defense however. 50 50
Ultimate Armor The ultimate mash up of Ethan's various armor. It's all been melted down then built back up again as a fresh, colorful armor of various powers. This armor really limits speed, however. 220 140

Name Description DEF HP+

Name Description DEF HP+

Name Description DEF HP+

Name Description DEF HP+

Name Description DEF HP+

Name Description DEF HP+

Name Description DEF HP+


All music within this playlist has not been created by me, nor anyone I know from here. They are from the various artists whom have submitted their own music to YouTube. I do not own anything - credit is given in the following list. Support those people by subscribing or possibly even donating to them!
Music Name Artist / Link
Let's Take It Back
(Main Theme)
By Mattia Cupelli
Relaxation & Paradise
(The Lobby)
By Lee Ji Soo
Happy Castle
(Hub World)
By Derek Fiechter
Rainy Orange Blur
(Tangerine Timberland)
By Derek & Brandon Fiechter
Disposal Town
(Bankrupt Wastelands)
By Brandon Fiechter
Sinister Lights
(Christmas Boondocks)
By Brandon Fiechter
For Glory
(Boss Theme)
By Dmitriy Mityukhin [Tybercore]
Unavoidable Battle
(Major Boss Theme)
By Oliver Codd
Wrath of Endal
(Endal Boss Theme)
By JingleTV
Never Giving Up
(Pre-Final Battle)
By Jon Wright [Score Studio]
An Impossible Fight
(Fandraxono Battle)
By Roman Ruminski [Acherontic Dawn]
Renewed & Reawakened
(Acebreaker Battle)
By Adrian von Ziegler
You Have Fought Well, Goodbye
(Passing of Bowie)
By Adrian von Ziegler
Evil Has No Mercy / Megalovania
(Battle Against The Beginning)
By Malcolm Robinson Music (original arrangement by tobyfox)


Official art



  • Originally Fandraxonian Warfare was a card game, but seeing as snicks never finishes anything innovative, it got canceled.