Species Origin Created by Fandraxono
Rarity Common (around Fandraxono's temple)
Very rare (far away from temple)
Alignment Fandraxono's Army
Average Behavior Serving Fandraxono, flying around awkwardly, feeding on the weakened
Habitat(s) Zaxinian Lifts
They like being near bodies of water and inside caves.
Ability/ies Power of flight, excellent usage of Darkness powers
Vulnerable To Strong fire attacks
Related Species
Fandraxono (leader)
Zodiez (second-in-command)
Ike (occasional leader)
Fandraxono's Army
Fandraxonians are a subspecies of human that were created by Fandraxono, serving as his personal henchmen and army for the Zaxinian Lifts, which he currently is in ownership of.  They appear in vast numbers and are usually seen residing around Fandraxono's temple or the entrances to the galaxies that the Lifts host.  While there are many Fandraxonians, they are rarely seen as their operating base is "underground" in a sense.  They only listen to the orders of Fandraxono and Zodiez, unless the former says they can follow the commands of another person.

Game Appearances



Fandraxonians are human like, yet they rarely stand upright and are usually on their hands and feet similarly to bugs, and also have four arms instead of two.  They have multiple veins and arteries visible on the outsides of their bodies, and have a mouth full of sharp teeth and decayed organs where their belly would usually be.  They usually ahave dark skin and four bug-like wings extending from their backsides.  They wear torn green and red shorts only on Fandraxono's orders; they usually prefer going naked as their clothing tends to make them itch themselves a lot.

Most Fandraxonians have black hair* and all have four red eyes, and each also has a scorpion tail.  They each have a single shoulder plate displaying a Greek symbol, which is either of four symbols; Alpha, Gamma, Theta or Omega, which display their "political positions".  If Fandraxonians are specifically named, their name will show right below their according symbol.


Fandraxonians are rarely seen far from Fandraxono's temple, although one can occasionally be seen soaring across the skies in any galaxy present in the Lifts.  At least ten Fandraxonians guard each individual portal found in the Lifts, and a total of thirty watch over the "hub" area of the Lifts.  They have been found to exist in the New Fantendoverse as well, guarding the chains that lead up to the universe.  If a Fandraxonian is too far from home, it can be found near deceased bodies and feeding off of them, or residing near a lake of water.

Traits and Habits

As Fandraxonians are one of the Lifts' most recognized unique species, they are among the most well studied.  They have the odd tendency to never fly straight, always moving in psychotic zigzag movements regardless of where they're heading.  If their sensitive bodies feel the presence of warm blooded creatures, they will instantly dive down and investigate the area, and perhaps eat the animal to satisfy their appetite.  They can move at up to a hundred and ten miles an hour, making them almost impossible to outspeed by normal means.

They are, much like their creator, incapable of becoming sick, diseased, and the like, and can't spread those kinds of things to other species.  They do carry eight bugs each though that will only detach if the Fandraxonian has found love of sorts, killing their love interest unless they're killed very quickly by fire or ice.  Omega Fandraxonians almost always disapprove of relationships and frown upon them because Fandraxonians who fall in love will refuse to work for their master and administrators.  Fandraxono himself though doesn't really care.


Fandraxonians are often noisy and rather reckless, and speak a language that sounds an awful lot like gibberish to humans.  When talking to each other, they tend to be somewhat polite, but are often angry or frustrated even if they have no reason to act like such.  Some tend to cackle and horse around though, which is discouraged by Omega Fandraxonians.  Male Fandraxonians are the powerhouses of their groups, taking on multiple enemies at once and bossing each other around.  Only the males are allowed to be promoted to higher classes, as they do not trust their own fellow female members to hold positions of high power.

Female Fandraxonians are often underground and rarely seen by anyone, and only exist for the purpose of giving birth to new Fandraxonians, which is a relatively quick process, and for also naming them and organizing them and (often hesitantly) their eight "no-love" bugs.  They tend to be shy and nervous and flee when they catch sight of humans, unlike the male members that often attack or eat up humans that provoke them.  It's been often noted that female Fandraxonians are actually the strongest in the whole species; if very angry, they can fell Gamma and Theta Fandraxonians.

They are classifed into four groups; Alpha, Gamma, Theta and Omega.  Alpha Fandraxonians are the most common, and are the only class available for females.  They do the grunt work and all the necessary stuff for the group to thrive.  Gamma ones are trusted and can yell at and control Alpha members quite easily.  Theta Fandraxonians are also trusted, but instead of controlling the Alpha class they instead create new technology and devices for the Lifts, and new artifacts.  Omega Fandraxonians have nearly all the power, able to promote as they please and can demote Gamma and Theta Fandraxonians at will.  Only Fandraxono can demote the Omega ones, however.

Notable Members

Currently unknown.  People are allowed to make their own Fandraxonian-esque characters as long as they have my (tbc) permission first.



  • Fandraxonians are currently the only known "unique" species known to be in the Zaxinian Lifts so far, mainly because the creator is incapable of creating more designs on her own.
  • Their habits and personalities are rather inspired by real-life insects and bugs.