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Fandraxonian is a subspecies of human that are created by Fandraxono, also known for being his personal hellspawn and army. They seem to appear over Zaxina and the bordering Zolara in numbers; flying through the skies, rarely landing on the ground, and attacking with great vigor and power. They are somewhat rare to encounter in the games of Fandraxonian Enterprises, more so due to hiding themselves in the backs of common foes.

Game Appearance


The Fandraxonian is said to be human like, although they rarely stand up straight and often are on both hands and feet on the ground in a manner similar to bugs. Fandraxonians are surrounded by black mass, and have veins and arteries visible on the outsides of their bodies, and have open stomachs that contain teeth and several decayed organ bits. As such, the typical Fandraxonian appears to be damaged and worn from time, although this is simply due to their DNA being identical to that of their "father". In terms of color, Fandraxonians are a dark color, and have black wings spreading from the back, their blood turning from red to green and back again. The only clothing they wear happens to be green and red shorts, appearing somewhat torn.

Fandraxonians often have black hair and red eyes, as well as a greek symbol on their right shoulder that indicates their strength level.  If alpha symbol, then they're weak.  Omega symbol indicates that they're very strong and should naturally be avoided.


Fandraxonians can be found all over Zaxina, found in every galaxy there, and are occasionally found lurking in Zolara as well.  Some of these Fandraxonians have been hired into being guardians of these galaxies due to their reliable abilities.


The typical Fandraxonian is often seen flying awkwardly about in the skies, moving in a zigzag pattern. Any disturbances to them, generally any warm blooded creature's movement, will cause them to dive down and investigate the area. Any creatures found will be grabbed, strangled, then left to die, or will have their blood drained from their bodies to fuel the predators. Their teeth aren't very powerful, but are just strong enough to pierce through skin. The movement of a Fandraxonian is very quick, able to fly at the least seventy miles an hour.

Despite their speed and aerial capabilities, they suffer blows to the chest and stomach.

Fatal contact

Some Fandraxonians carry fatal bugs with them unintentionally on their skin, and if they touch anything else that has blood, these bugs will latch on to the body and will never let go unless they are burnt by fire or frozen by ice. The only safe part of a Fandraxonian to touch is their hands, which are immune to disease and fatal injuries, and as such they are free from poison and the like. The rest of a Fandraxonian's body is surging with a burn that can be passed on.




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