Developer(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Manufacturer(s) Fandraxono
Console Type Home Console
Generation 10
Release Date(s)
Successor Fandraxo II
 Fandraxo is an upcoming console produced and published by Fandraxonian Enterprises.  It is the first of the Fandraxo line, and the first console overall to use the Fandreb, an alternative version of the Internet developed exclusively for this console.



The console was first announced at E3 when Fandraxonian Enterprises wanted to present a new console.  They showed off many of its features, such as the Fandreb, its new way of storing memory, the new way to play games, and more.  They also revealed BowieQuest: Origins as one of its upcoming games.


The console had reached 9.5 million sales and for its anniversary at E3 when they announced several games, including the highly anticipated Undead Ghouls . They also announced their currently untitled equivalent to amiibo exclusively for the line of the Fandraxo.


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Games are now owned via scanning cards, compared to previous ways of using cartridges or discs.  Each card has two games on it.  The Fandreb, a new feature, is the Fandraxo alternative to the Internet. It comes with the Fandraxo Antivirus system, which was created by Avast!.

The cards are often found in thin boxes, usually where one would place a disc.

Scannable CardsEdit


The controller is wireless, and works as long as you are 50 feet or less away from the system itself.  On the left side of the controller is a control pad and an analog stick.  On the right side are buttons A, B, C, and D.  A second analog stick is also found on this side of the controller.  L and R are found on the tops of the left and right sides, respectively.  The start and select buttons are in the middle section of the controller, as well as a home button.  The controller can come in many colors, including white and black (standard), blue, yellow, green, and red.