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Jane: Announcer, I’m fairly certain that’s not possible.
Jake: It isn’t.
Announcer: No, no, my employers assured me that it would work. They always know best.
Announcer: Anyways, elimination time! Vote off a member of the yellow team.


Leah: ... (Exits room)


Marley: I have... tragic... news.
Marley: My former master, The Announcer, has retired.
Alyssa: Why?
Marley: I do not know... I was only just informed of this. They have sent over a replacement, however.
Man: H-Hi! I’m new to this. My name is David, and uh—
Marley: They do not wish for your name to be known.
David: Oh, uh. Sorry, Forget I said that! Heheh. You can call me The Announcer, now. I mean, I’m not really much of an announcer, I was just a script writer, but the Producers told me they wanted me as an announcer now, since we don’t need a script for this show, so heheh. Yeah! Hi.
Everyone: ...
Koloro: Hi David! Nice to meet you!
David: Hi Koloro! B-but um, my name’s not David. It’s Announcer.
Alyssa: How did you know her name?
David: Um... S-someone probably mentioned her to me.
David: So, I got a note saying that Frolo is eliminated... So, Marley, escort him to the bus, will you?
Frolo: Wha..? This place sucks! I didn’t wanna win anyways!
(Marley and Frolo leave)
David: Anyways, I suppose we should, uh, start with the contest...
David: Today’s contest is... um... a balloon flying contest.
Mika Sho: Like, hot air balloons?
David: ...No, the note just said balloons.
(Marley returns)
Marley: I have the balloons here. Everyone, tie yourselves to these.
Cookie: These are weird looking balloons...
Marley: That’s because they’re actually high-tech, air-pressure propelled devices.
Trixie: Why are they called balloons, then?
Marley: Because they vaguely resemble balloons. Anyways, your goal is simply to knock all opponents from the air.
Speedy: BWAP??
Marley: No, it’s perfectly safe. There are built-in parachutes for when the balloons pop I mean, that’s what the producers said, at least. So I’m sure it’ll be fine.
David: Alright, I’m about to remotely activate the balloons... Is everyone ready? Alright. H-Have fun, I guess?

(Speedy pecks at Rosa’s balloon; despite his rounded beak, he is able to break the mechanical balloon; a parachute pops out instantly)
Rosa: Aaaah! Mean bird!
Fyre: Hmm... Mika Sho, White. Maybe we can all try melting the other teams’ balloons.
Mika Sho: Sounds good. I’ll go for the blue team, you target the yellow team, and White, you get the green team.
Leah: ...Why not just melt their skin instead? It’s more effective.
Trixie: Please don’t!
Cookie: I’ll protect you, Trixie!
(Cookie pulls a butterknife from her backpack and throws it at Leah’s balloon)
Leah: Wha???
(Leah’s balloon malfunctions and begins to fall; no parachute is activated as she falls)
Cookie: #$%! I... I think I killed her!
Trixie: Can’t say it’s a huge loss...
David: W-what? This isn’t safe! The producers assured me the parachutes would work... Cancel the contest!
Alyssa: Who loses, then?
Marley: It’s a tie between Red and Green, at the moment. We weren’t prepared for a tie breaker, so I’ll put them both up for elimination.

Mika Sho

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