Where we left off....

Jane: Hey, I guess we'll be rooming together, uhm, Leah.
Leah: I'm going to KILL you in your SLEEP...
Leah: Too... problematic. I will do it. NOW.

(Marley falls to the ground)

Jane: Oh #$*%! YOU KILLED THE CAT!
Leah: I was TRYING to kill YOU...
Leah: If you WANT, I'll do it ANYWA-

(Jane kicks Leah in the face)

Man: Hey, what's all this noise- oh my.
Jane: Sorry... she was going to kill me...
Man: What about the cat, was he going to kill you too?!
Jane: No, no, that was Leah; she threw a needle and the cat jumped in the way.
Frolo: (entering) I-is that a dead kitty?
White: NOOooo! Kitty!
Zane: Um, is the doctor lady okay?
Man: Please, calm down! I'll deal with this. You can all go back to your rooms.


(Contestants are gathered outside the mansion)

Man: Alright. First of all, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is, um… (looks down at nametag) Announcer.
Volt: It is?
Light: ….yeah, no it’s not.
Sk8: What are you HIDING… DUDE?!
Announcer: I’m not hiding anything. My employers have instructed me to go by the name “Announcer”, and I don’t intend to get fired.
Fyre: I guess that’s better than calling you “that guy’”... but only by a little.
Announcer: Yes. It is better. Now, on to business. We have two more contestants.
Alyssa: Why?
Announcer: They missed the plane.
Alyssa: …Why?
Announcer: Because they were busy having a baking party.
(Cookie Crumble and Trixie Farl step forward)
Trixie: Hi guys!
Announcer: Okay, now time for the first contest. No time to lose, we’re live in seven minutes.
Mika Sho: What do you mean, liv--
Announcer: Enough talk. We have a suggestion box for contests. I’ve already picked today’s contest due to time constraints, and it’s going to be a duck hunt.
Speedy: Bwap???
Zane: I’m not sure I feel comfortable shooting my fellow birds…
Announcer: No, no, the birds aren’t real. They’re just cardboard cut-outs. And you don’t have to shoot them. In fact, you don’t even get guns! Now, let’s get started.

Cookie: Yo, Trixie!
Trixie: Yea?
Cookie: We should form an alliance! Since, y’know, we’re such good friends and all!
Trixie: Yeah! Definitely.
Purple: Um… can I join? I’m kind of nervous and—
Cookie: GAH! Where did you come from??
Purple: Sorry… I /am/ a ninja, though...
Trixie: Well, I guess you can join us. You seem pretty nice.
Purple: Great! Let’s split up; then we can gather a bunch of ducks and divide them up equally.

Volt: So, Alice, how should we hunt for adorable little cardboard duckies?
Alice: Umm… I don’t know. I’m not too good at strategy.
Jake: You said you have spring-based powers, right?
Alice: …Yeah.
Jake: And that would include storms, right?
Alice: Yeah, storms are a pretty integral part of spring, I guess.
Jake: Good. I have a plan…

Rosa: Hey, funny skateboard boy!
Sk8: Sup, GIRLDUDE??
Rosa: Borrow me your skateboard so I can move fast and I will give you half the ducks I get!


Purple: Whew… I think we’ve got the most ducks.
Trixie: Yup, looks like it!
Cookie: It looks like it’s starting to rain though… We’d better hurry and bring them to the Annou-WOAH!

(Lightning strikes the pile of cardboard ducks, incinerating them)

Jake: Hehehe… Now we have the most ducks!
Alice: Brilliant!
Jake: Which of us three gets to claim victory, though?
Alice: I guess Volt can have it. He did the hard part…
Announcer: Well, there you have it, folks! VOLT IS THE WINNER!


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