David: I’ve been given my orders. You are to hunt down the newly formed Yellow-Blue alliance.
Jane: And what would you have us do with them?
David: Return them to me, by any means necessary. Just... uh, don’t kill them.
David: And... please, don’t try to betray us. We will know.

Cookie: Ko-Koloro! Where are we going?! Slow down!
Koloro: Anywhere. We need to get away from them.
???: I don’t think that will be too difficult.
Koloro: ...What? .... Leah?!
Layla: My name is Layla.
Layla: I was kept here by Murdoch to keep an eye on David. But they’re manipulating us. All of us. How do you think Koloro knew about Speedy? Why do you think David let you escape?
Layla: They want to create conflict. They want to make things interesting. So people will watch.
Zane: Hold on. Who’s this Murdoch guy? And why does he want people to watch us? ...And why do you look like Leah Needlenam?
Layla: Murdoch is the boss. The mastermind. He runs the show. We kill him, and we’re free. Free from the curse.
Koloro: What curse? You’re not making any sense!
Layla: The curse is what saved me. What brought me back. When we die, we are purified. But the curse won’t let us leave. It corrupts us, slowly. The weak-minded go first. Leah. But Murdoch needed a doctor, so he’s freed me from it. We have to kill him before he finds out I betrayed him.
Koloro: ...
Layla: I beg of you, please. Believe me. This is the only way we can be purified.
Koloro: ....It’s true. I believe you. Where is this Murdoch?
Layla: He lives in an underground base in the forest. I’ve been there. Follow me.

Layla: Here we are.
Cookie: So, what, we just go in and kill him? How?
Layla: No. We can’t be seen.
Koloro: And that’s where I come in?
Layla: Yes. Use this shot - it’s lethal.
Koloro: ...Alright. I’ve... I’ve never killed anybody before...
Layla: It is necessary. He’s a complete monster.
Koloro: ...Okay. But only to avenge Speedy... *sniffles*

Koloro turns invisible and opens the trapdoor to the underground base.

Koloro silently walks down the steps, looking around her as she does. The place appears deserted initially.
As she walks down the narrow hallway, a young man comes into sight. He is crouched over some sort of glowing portal.
Koloro jabs the shot into the man’s neck. He lets out a shriek as his veins bulge momentarily, before he disintegrates into a pile of dirt.

Koloro: ...That’s it?

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