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David: I think it’s clear who the winners are, here.
Volt: Us?
David: ...No. Everyone but you. Sorry. Blue team will be up for elimination.

David: Alright folks. Time for another elimination.
Koloro: Uh-oh, who is it? *hugs Speedy*
David: Uhm, sorry, but it’s... uh...
Koloro: Who..?
David: Speedy. He’s eliminated.
Koloro: ..Wha-...No!

Speedy disappears

Koloro: ...
Jake: Are you okay?
Koloro: No. I’m not okay. This is not okay.
Volt: Hey, relax, he’s just eliminated.
Koloro: He’s gone. Forever.
David: What? No! Why would you think that?
Koloro: I... I just know it.
Volt: ...
Jake: ...
Jake: She’s right. There’s something messed up about this whole situation.
Koloro: Volt. Jake. Come on. We’re getting out of here.

David: We’ve had, um, a rebellion. The Blue Team has fled the mansion.
???: I’m aware. As we speak, the Yellow Team is rushing to their aid. They know they won’t last long alone.
David: What do we do?
???: We turn the alliances against each other. Let them fight. Anything to keep the show going. But you must not let them leave the island.


Scotch: Uhh... what’s going on? Why did David just run off?
Jane: We must escape! If Koloro is right, then there’s something sinister going on here.
Alyssa: Stop.
Mika Sho: No, she’s right! This is super shady.
Alyssa: Do you really want to risk it? These producers - they’re far more powerful than you realize. If we run, then it’s entirely possible that they kill us.

David returns

Marley: David! What is the meaning of this?!
David: I’ve been given my orders. You are to hunt down the newly formed Yellow-Blue alliance.
Jane: And what would you have us do with them?
David: Return them to me, by any means necessary. Just... uh, don’t kill them.
David: And... please, don’t try to betray us. We will know.

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