David: So, um, todays contest will be a cave exploring contest, I guess.... I dunno, the team to get to the end of the cave wins first? Sometimes these instructions sent by the produc-I mean my boss aren't very specific. 

Marley: Tttttttthhaaaaaaaaaaaaat seeeeeeemsss  reeeasonaaable.

Mika Sho: Jake, can't you use your super tech-savvy-ness to make him speak normally?

Jake: No.

Mika: *groans*


(Blue Team) 

Jake: This cave doesn't seem too dangerous- 

Koloro: ACK! ZOMBIE!

(Speedy pecks at the zombie with his round beak, but it doesn't do much damage. Volt strikes the zombie with lightning)


(Red Team)

Mika Sho: Are you sure this isn't cheating?

Marley: Nnnnnnooooooooooo-

Mika Sho: OK, I get the idea.

(Marley rockets through the cave super fast using a built-in jetpack, with Mika Sho trying to keep up) 

Mika Sho: How do you even have a jetpack?

Marley: Rrrrrrreeeeeeeeassssooons.


(Green Team) 

Rosa Yorkwich: Huehuehue! This challenge easy!

Alyssa: *is getting hit by arrows* Wait, what?

(Camera pans out to show a troop of skeletons attacking the group. Jane and Scotch throw ice axes and beer bottles at the skeletons, while Rosa fights them with her sword.)


(Yellow Team)

Trixie: Hey, Zane? Since you're a bird, do you think you can fly us to the end?

Zane: Sure can! I think...

(Trixie and Cookie Crumble hold on to Zane by the feet as he flies to the end) 

Zane: Sheesh, you guys are heavy!

Cookie: Well, now that we finished the race, do you want to maybe bake something for fun!

Trixie: I'd love too! But we don't have any ingredients.....or an oven....


David: So, uh, it seems like Yellow and Red team finished first, and Green and Blue teams were too busy....uh, doing finish the race.

Volt: We were fighting monsters.

David: What? That wasn't supposed to happen.....Why do all these challenges end up being so unsafe? Well, I guess Blue and Green Teams are up for elimination:

  • Jake
  • Koloro
  • Volt
  • Speedy
  • Jane
  • Rosa Yorkwich
  • Alyssa
  • General Scotch

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