Mika: I didn't think I had it in me, to be honest.
David: Coming in second place was Green Team, with Blue for third. That means Yellow is up for elimination. Make it snappy, children. In the meantime, rest yourselves for tomorrow, contestants.
David: Ngh... not feeling well...
[David collapses and drops his bag. Alyssa creeps from the corner and looks around it. Nothing interests her until she comes across a picture of him and a girl holding hands. A girlfriend?]

Layla: David. Are you awake?
David: Whuh... h-huh?
Layla: You overdosed. You were supposed to take this medicine in moderation. To help with the side effects. That’s it.
David: Um... I’m sorry, but uh, who are you? Where am I?
Man: My name is Layla, I’ve been hired to keep an eye on your health. So, for the extent of the show, I’ll be your doctor.
David: I-Is that really necessary? I can take care of myself just fine, this was just a minor mistake –
Layla: No, it wasn’t. Murdoch told me what he saw you do.
David: Y-you mean, the boss...? He told you..?
Layla: Yes. He worries about you, you know. You can’t keep doing this to yourself.

(Outside the mansion)
David: Alright, folks... Um, due to yesterday's mishap, I had no time to prepare today's contest. So you get the day off. Enjoy, I guess.
David: Oh, by the way, Purple is eliminated. Um, sorry, you seemed nice.
Purple: ...(teleports away)
Volt: Did you just teleport him away?
David: N-No. That happens automatically now. I... have no idea how it works.

Mika Sho: ...
Marley: Hhhhhello.
Mika Sho: AAUAGH! Oh. Whew, it's just you. Y'know, for such a cute kitty, you have an awfully scary voice.
Marley: Meeow. Is that better?
Mika Sho: Much better. So, what's going on? You don't usually visit the team rooms.
Marley: Well... It appears that since one of your teammates died, I'm going to be on your team. To even out the numbers.
Mika Sho: I thought no new contestants were allowed to enter!
Marley: We... hadn't expected any further deaths. Ironic, though, isn't it; I'm replacing the very person that killed me...

Volt: Hey hey guys! We haven't lost in a while. Which is pretty cool! We should try to keep winning forever and not lose any more contests. Wouldn't that be cool?
Speedy: BWAP.
Koloro: Aww, isn't he cuuute? (squeezes Speedy)
Speedy: Bwap bwap!
Jake: Hmph. We've only been winning because of me, anyways...

Zane: Well, now we’re the second weakest team...
Cookie: Just be grateful you weren’t eliminated.
Trixie: Yeah, I have no idea why it was Purple... at least he’s helpful.
Zane: Wow, thanks.

Jane: Doesn’t anyone feel like something’s... strange about this mansion? No, not just the mansion... the entire island. Something’s... off.
Alyssa: Certainly.
Scotch: Yeah.
Jane: Really? You noticed it, Scotch?
Scotch: Hell yeah. The beer tastes funny.
Rosa: Huehuehue!

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