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Rosa: Well, my arrival is first, I think.
???: U-uh. I’m here…
Rosa: What? Turtle? How do you call yourself?
Purple: Um… I’m purple.
Purple: I… think there’s someone else here too…
Rosa: No. Is just cat and us.
Purple: Yeah… the cat’s a contestant, I think.
Rosa: Huehue. Is ridiculous, cat cannot contest.
Purple: I… on the plane, I talked to a guy. Said he was the host… He… he said one of the contestants was a cat. I assume that’s him.
???: WHAAAA! Why’s everybody lookin’ at the CAT??

(Purple, startled, retreats into shell; Rosa turns to the new arrival, unphased.)

Rosa: Is contestant! Can you believe?
???: WOW. That’s really… RADICAL!
Rosa: Yes! I think purple turtle is scared however.
Purple: I… I’m not scared. You just… startled me. Who are you?
Rosa: Huehue! You are funny.

(Door opens; the remaining fifteen contestants barge in, followed by a short pudgy, nondescript man)

???: Why the @#*& are there already people here?
???: Are they trying to steal the mansion?
Man: PLEASE, ladies and gentlemen. Calm down. You three, what are you doing here?
Purple: Ack! Um… We walked here! Pleasedon’tyell!
Man: …Oh, right! You must be the missing contestants!
Rosa: We are missing? What are we missed?
Man: The bus. You mean to tell me you three walked all the way from the airport to this here mansion?
Purple: I guess… yeah…
Man: I see. I have no idea how you managed to miss the sign instructing all contestants to wait for the @#$*ing bus, but I suppose it’s for the best. We had a few… technical difficulties that delayed us.
Man: Well, if you’ll all be so kind as to put on these nametags…

(Everyone puts on nametags)

Alice Harumi: Okay! What do we do next?
Man: Um. . . We don’t start the show for another day, so I guess you can just… you know, socialize. Make some friends.
Danni: …I have a feeling there’s something we’re not being told.
Light: What do you mean, “the show”?
Man: N-nothing! Just a figure of speech. You know, a metaphor for the contest. So! Uh. Your rooms are that way! See you soon!

Volt: Wow! This is nice! I mean, really nice! Better-than-I-could-have-expected, nice! The beds are all... soft, and stuff! Wow.
Alice: Yeah... so, uh... Volt, I guess, what brings you here?
Volt: Well, they told me I could win a mansion!
Alice: Oh, right. Yeah... they told me the same thing.
Jake: Seems awfully fishy, doesn't it?
Alice: Nah, not really! I'm sure they wouldn't try to scam us out of the mansion or anything.
Volt: Yeah! But I mean, I wouldn't blame them if they did - it's really nice...

Jane: Hey, I guess we'll be rooming together, uhm, Leah.
Leah: I'm going to KILL you in your SLEEP...
Leah: Too... problematic. I will do it. NOW.

(Leah pulls a needle from her bag and hurls it at Jane...)

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