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#8 I'll be back...drunk
Hosted By ML
Eliminated Hiro the Echidna
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Metal Locked

This episode of Fandemonium contains mature content such as mild Coarse Language.

This episode of Fandemonium is also a short episode, you have been warned.

Last time on Fandemonium...

Hiro's supply was slim, Flame and Clyde got grim and Steel found out I conned him.

ML:(Microphone) Alright! People challenge completed! Meeting in the boiler room!

Pesh: Wait! Who won?!

ML: Group 1, the winner is Heart and PKB!

Pesh & Nightwolf: He he he.

Steel: Group 2, the winner is Henry!

ML: Mostly because that thing with her and those guys, HYSTERICAL!

Meanwhile in the boiler room.

ML: Now is the time I hate most, from time to time.

Steel: We have only 19 padlocks here.

ML: If you do not receive a padlock.

Steel: Proceed down the road of lost souls

ML: And back home.

All the characters run out of the house onto the road, only to get knocked back by the force field.

Steel: Wicked.

ML: I know right?

ML: Alright! Hark, Hiro and Flame head to the guillotine please!

One of you is leaving us.

Flame: About bloody time!

Locke takes out the padlocks.

He hands one out to everyone except Hiro and Flame.

ML: I have only one padlock left.

Steel: And the one who receives it will be safe.


ML: ...

Steel: ...

ML: Flame.

Flame: Oh you... B@$***DS!

Hiro: W-What? What is it?

Pesh: Uhh, you go down the road and never come back

Pesh then takes Hiro outside and throws him onto the road.

Pesh: And stay out.

Pesh: Always wanted to do that a drunkie.

ML: Hiro is gone.

Steel: And will NEVER come back.


Steel: Who will survive the next round?

Flame: Can I sa- ML: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?


Flame: Good!

Will Flame and Clyde get voted off?

Will Hiro return drunk?

And will Locke and Steel find out their not getting paid?

Find out next time on Fandemonium/Eps.9

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