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#45 Tag team
Hosted By Metal Locked v2
Eliminated Henry the Moose
Purple Koopa Bro.
Challenge A tag team
Winner YoshiEgg Nook & Tulip Nook
Writer of Episode User:HalerN

This episode is HalerN's second episode of Fandemonium.

Meta Locked v2 and Pesh found Nightwolf' s body...

Back to our story!

ML v2: Hey everyone!

All the contestants: What?!

ML v2: Here's our next challenge: A tag team!

Pesh: Nightwolf is dead! And you want us to play games?!

ML v2: Yes.

Pesh: Pffft.

ML v2: Here are the teams tagging:

Henry and McBoo

Pesh and 3.14

Heart and Hiro

Heart: Darn it.

PKB and Henry

YE Nook and Tulip Nook

Tulip: Yes!

Clyde and Fire Master

Ginourm and Clyde

ML v2: Any questions?

Steel: They are shy.

Locke and Steel laugh.

ML v2: Are you ready...get set...go!

Later on,

10 of the contestants where not yet tagged.

Suddenly, Ginourm tags Clyde.

Ginourm: You're out!

Pesh: I am gonna tag you 3.14!

3.14: Not so fast!

Pesh tags 3.14.

3.14: SH*T! (sits out)

Later then,

Four of the contestants are left to be tagged, Clyde and Fire Master, Tulip and YE.

FM: I'm ready to tag you!

Clyde: Haha! (tags Fire Master)


ML v2: Challenge completed!

Mean while at the boiler room...

Steel: We have only 8 padlocks left here. YE and Tulip, you were first!

ML v2: This time, I am going to call out the names to get a padlock.

Steel: If you do not get a padlock.

ML v2: Get the heck out of here.

Steel: And proceed down the road of lost souls.

ML v2: Then go back home.

ML v2: Fire Master.

Steel: McBoo.

ML v2: Ginourm and Clyde.

Steel: Hiro.

ML v2: Pesh.

Steel: And the last padlock goes to...

ML v2: ...

Steel: ...

Steel: 3.14.

Heart: What?!

PKB: No!

Henry: Darn it!

Henry, Heart, and PKB leave.

Back to Fantendo Mansion...

Tulip: We have a diet.

YE: Yup!

Hiro: Nah.

McBoo: That's disguisting!

Everyone (even ML v2 and Steel): Wow! Epic!

Will Tulip and YE kiss each other?

Will Heart and PKB make their own friendship?

And who is going to get voted off the next vote-off season after Henry, Heart and PKB?

Find out next time on Fandemonium/Eps.46!

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