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#44 (unnamed)
Hosted By Metal Locked v2
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Writer of Episode User:HalerN

This episode is written by HalerN, the lady who made Fantendo Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi and Super Mario World D.I.Y..

Last time on Fandemonium...

Nightwolf was killed by the three dark ones when they appear from the vortex.

ML v2: Ugh, what happened? Oh no... Nightwolf...

Steel: What...?

Ml v2: Something happened!

Pesh: yeah...

3.14: I have no doubt

YE Nook: Yup!

Henry: That's a big dork.

Tulip: Shut up Henry!

Henry: What did i- McBoo: Will you shut up already!

Pesh: I miss Pashie.

PKB: Nothing can be weird without a doubt!

Heart: That's right.

Pesh: that's nothing to do, Heart.

YE Nook: Yup!

Will Tulip stop being mean to Henry?

Will I ever write another episode?

Find out next time on Fandemonium/Eps.45!

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