#38 (unnamed)
Hosted By Metal Locked v2
Metal Locked v3
Eliminated Vulcan, Bloop, and Pashie
Challenge Find the Hidden Key
Winner McBoo
Writer of Episode SonicWiki

This episode is being writen by SonicWiki (tbc) of Outer Inc..

This episode is short, you have been warned.

ML: Meeting!

PKB: What?

ML: I have another challenge.

Steel: You are on a free-for-all fight to find a hidden key.

Clyde: A fight?

ML: Yes! A fight.

Tulip: Then lets go.

YE Nook: Yup!

McBoo: Hmm, wait, what's that?

McBoo finds the key.

ML: Challenge over!

Bloop: What, already?

Steel: McBoo is the winner, if you don't get a padlock, you are out.

6 contestants haven't recieved padlocks, PKB, Heart, Bloop, Vulcan, Pashie, and Clyde.

ML: PKB, Clyde, and...Heart get padlocks.

Pashie: But...but...

Bloop: No!

Vulcan: Shit!

Hiro, and Ginourm come barging into the mansion.

PKB: Ginourm, Hiro?

What do Ginourm and Hiro want?

Why are PKB and Heart always in the last 6 to get padlocks?

What is the hidden key for?

Find out next time in Fandemonium!

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