Clyde, the guy from Flame Games, is writing this - swearing means only peeps with the age of 1 second and over can read this.

#25 - Hark and Flame of England? Part 1
Hosted By ML
Eliminated Fire Master (On Leave)
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Clyde1998

Flame and Hark have gone.
What could really go wrong?

That rhymes!

Clyde: Flame's gone, and so's Hark!
McBoo: Really!? I think Flame's gone back to England.
Clyde: I thought you could only get voted off.
McBoo: You can walk out.
Clyde: Then Flame would have gone ages ago.
YE: Well, yeah.
Clyde: I'm not sad he's gone.
YE: As I thought.
FM: Where's Flame?
Clyde: Probably England, Why?
(FM runs out of the room)
Bloop: Clyde, Flame's gone!
Clyde: Yeah, so's Hark.
Henry: Yeah, they left last night.
Nightwolf: Why?
Henry: They didn't say - but Flame's back to England, with Hark.
Pesh: What they gonna do there?
Pashie: Who cares?
(Everyone looks at Clyde)
Clyde: What?
PKB: Nothing.
(Fire Master walks back into room)
FM: I'll go see what's going on with them - Back in a few weeks.
(Fire Master leaves)
Clyde: T*sser

To be continued in next episode.

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