#2 You got conned part 2
Hosted By ML
Eliminated N/A
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Metal Locked

This episode of Fandemonium contains mature content such as mild coarse language, you have been warned.

Last Time on Fandemonium!

3.14 and Heart got scammed into appearing on a reality TV show, Hiro got drunk and his hangover continues, and Locke, the brilliant host was hiding from the horde of people outside the house ready to get him.

ML: Alright, this is seriously messed up man!

Then Hiro comes out of the closet again.

Hiro: LOCKE YOU BA****D!

Locke then closes the closet on Hiro.

ML: He he, I am going to leave now.

The door suddenly opens and Vulcan flies back in...along with 14 other people.

Heart: Steel! I thought I said no parties!

Steel: What? I didn't invite 'em, I just told them where you live.

ML: And conned them into the show, and speaking of the show...

Locke grabs his huge microphone.

ML & Steel: Yo! What's up Fantendo?

ML & Steel: House meeting in the lounge, be there NOW!

Luz: What is going on here?

Chaos 12: Yeah! Why are we all here?

Xero: And why won't you let me in my house?

Pesh: Wait! What?!

Tulip Nook: Your house? Bloop, I thought you bought it yesterday.

Bloop: I did I did!

Pashie: And what does he mean house meeting?

Steel then takes out a gun and shoots the ceiling, there is dead silence, a few pieces of plaster fall onto Steel's head.

ML: Steel! What the heck man!?

Steel: What?!

ML: I told you don't use guns on the set!

Steel: Why not?!

At that very moment, Hark stumbled through the door with a pistol.

Hark: This is why.

He shot at Hiro's head and killed him.

ML: Soooooooo uncool man!

Steel: Think of the ratings!

All of a sudden, Hiro wakes up.

Hiro: *Yawns*, OWW! My head!

Purple Koopa Bro.:Uhh...WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!

ML: Oh yeah! I forgot you were immortal!

ML: Anyway, house meeting now!

All 20 contestants gather on the enormously huge sofa

ML & Steel: Yo! Wha-


ML: Fine, as we were saying-


ML: Yes, we have a-

Everyone rushes over to the TV.

Nightwolf: Maybe if were quick, we can catch the last few minutes of-

Pesh and Nightwolf's eyes open up wide and fill with tears.

Pesh & Nightwolf: WHITE NOISE?!

Will Pesh and Nightwolf watch their show?

Will Locke and Steel ever finish their sentence?

And will Hiro ever sober up?

Find out next time on Fandemonium/Eps. 3.

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