#19 So long and thanks for all the piss.
Hosted By ML
Eliminated Moyan
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Metal Locked

This episode of Fandemonium contains mature content such as coarse language, you have been warned.

This is also a short episode.

Last time on Fandemonium

Flame, Xero and Chaos 12 slipped away for a curry, Locke died and everyone had to fix him and Steel and Hark were still looking for the Super Hound.

Steel: We have only 18 padlocks here.

ML: If you do not receive a padlock.

Steel: Proceed down the road of lost souls.

ML: And back home.

Locke and Steel wait.

ML: Oh come on!

Clyde: What?

Steel: Aren't you all going to run into the shield?

Clyde: No.

Steel: Why not?

Clyde: Because...


Steel: F@#k!


ML: Ha ha ha, suckers, try and escape now!

Xero: Get on with it.

ML: Fine.

Locke then hands out the padlocks.

ML: Nightwolf.

Ybrik and Moyan's eyes open up with fear.

Steel: ...

ML: ...

ML: Ybrik.

Moyan then get's up and walks off.

ML: Sorry dude.

Purple Koopa Bro.:I'll see you soon.


Ginourm: Oh, sorry.

Meanwhile in the cameraroom.

ML: Did you see Flame, Xero and Chaos 12 anywhere?

Steel: Must've bailed on us.

ML: Right.

Steel: (Sniffs) Do you smell gas?

ML: Sulphur.

Steel: OH SH*T!

(Massive Explosion)

ML: (Weak) W-What the hell was that?

Steel: I knew I shouldn't have used those candles.

ML: Where did the sulphur come from?

Hark then walks in with a box of matches and a gas tank.

ML & Steel: B@$***d.

Locke and Steel then faint.

Will Hark burn down the whole house?

Where is this so-called Super Hound?

Will they find the almost-killer?

And I conquer my fear of not getting paid?

Find out next time on Fandemonium/Eps.20

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