#16 Occultive Criminology
Hosted By ML
Eliminated N/A
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode YoshiEgg
Metal Locked

This episode of Fandemonium is being written by Bomb Productions Games. It also contains course language. You have been warned...

Last time on Fandemonium...

The contestants were trying to find out who Pashie's "killer" is.

ML: Steel...?

Steel: (In a crappy Dr. Watson costume) Yeah?

ML: (Hangs head in anger) Why?

Steel: I thought it would be funny! We need good ratings, dude!! It's funny, right?

ML: Elementary, my dear Steel... No. It is indeed NOT funny. In fact, it's making my eyes bleed and my brain go into a coma.

Tulip: OK! Enough, you two!! We need to find out who tried to murder Pashie!

ML: Ah, yes. We do.

Steel: It was him. (Points to Luz.)

Luz: M-me? (Starts crying)

Tulip: But Luz would never hurt a fly!!!

Steel: That's what you think...

ML: It wasn't Luz.

Steel: Then it was HIM!! (Points to ML)

ML: Me?! I'm the one in charge of this operation!

Steel: LIES!!!

ML: (Whispers) You...Are...An...Utter.

ML:(Shouts) B@$***D!

ML: I have narrowed my list down to 5 names.

ML: Then we will find the-

ML: (Posh Voice) Murderer.


All: (Gasps)

ML: Pashie?

Pashie: Yes?

ML: Can you describe the assalaint?

Pashie: No, it was dark.

ML: I knew I should have fixed those bloody lights.

Flame then steals the list.

Flame: Hey! Why are only the villains names on this?

ML: Because...Your evil.

ML: (Shouts) OKAY?!

Flame: Flame, Fire Master, Steel, Chaos 12 and Hi-

Flame: Why is Hiro on here?




All: (Gasps)

Locke and Steel meet in the closet.

ML: Steel, what the hell do we do?

ML: I have no experience in criminology.

ML: I'm useless @r$e in this hat!

Steel: I have a plan.

ML: What? You don't mean?

Steel: Oh yes.

Xero: What are they doing in there?

3.14: Can't be as worse as what I heard Heart doing.

Locke and Steel then storm out the closet.

All: (Gasps)


Steel: (To self) Useless b@$****s.

ML: I have deducted a way to find the criminal!

Flame: Let me guess...

Flame: (With Locke) A super challenge.

Flame: Any particular genre, so I can prepare myself?

ML: Like what?

Flame: Will there be anything gross, scary, death defying or lame?

ML & Steel: Oh yes.

ML & Steel: There will be blood.

Flame: Fantastic.

Flame: Hark? Did you say there was a phone around here?

Hark: Outside.

Flame then walks out to find a police telephone box.

Flame: Oh sod it, I'll just sneak into Locke's camera room.

Will there be blood?

Will Flame find the camera room?

Will the assailant be revealed?

And will the phone box dissapear?

Find out next time on Fandemonium/Eps.17

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