#12 Kung Fu Clyde Part 2
Hosted By ML
Eliminated N/A
Challenge Kung Fu battle between rivals
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Metal Locked

This episode of Fandemonium contains mature content such as mild Coarse Language, you have been warned.

Last time on Fandemonium...

The radio dosen't exist, Fire Master was p*$$*d and Hiro wasn't missed.

Pesh: What's going on?

Nightwolf: Clyde is fighting Flame.

Pesh: So it's not Neo and Morpheus?


Xero: And it's over the radio?

Pashie: There is no radio.

Henry: Plus the TV is crap!

Clyde: Alright! Alright!

Clyde: I choose you!

Steel: Pikachu?

Clyde: No you!

Steel: B@$***D!

Flame: Shall we do this?

Steel: Bri- Clyde: Don't say a bloody word!

ML: Clyde uses fire punch on Flame.

ML: Oh! Fire Master scorched your arse steel! He he he!

ML: Steel has gotten me on the ground and is punching me.

ML: Gordon Bennet! That was close!

ML: Flame dodged Steel's throwing dagger!

Suddenly one of the producers descended to the ground on a parachute.

ML: Oh you b@$***d.

ML: I thought you were dead!

Flame: There going to wish they were in a second.

Flame runs towards him.

Only to get knocked out from the producers punch to the face.

Producer: Aecht hatb duut djjen.

ML: Sorry, translator mode..ON!

Producer: Aecht hatb duut djjen.

Hark: OH SOD IT!

Hark then shoots the producer.

Only to reveal horns and red skin.


Pesh: No idiot, it's not a devil.

Pashie: It's a demon.


Pesh then wacks Clyde on the head with a club.


Producer Demon: Here is your cheque.

Locke then holds up a crucifix up while walking away with his money.

The Producer then turns to a skeleton and falls on the ground.

Flame then wakes up and steals the skeleton.

Flame: This will go great on my wall.

Clyde then chases Flame.

Clyde: Oh no you don't, you aren't turning my room into a mausoleum!

Flame: You practicaly live in one already.

Hark: I wonder if that phone still works.

Hark walks over to what looks like a police telphone box

Hark: Oh my god!

Hark: What the fried chicken is he doing here?!

Hark then opens the door only to reveal the telephone.

Hark: Damn!

Hark then waits for the phone to connect.

Hark: (Humming Doctor Who Theme)

Hark: Ring damn you! Ring!

Phone: Hello, may we take your order?

Hark: (Posh voice) Yes, I would like 902 pizzas please, one of everything.

Phone: We don't have 902 flavours

Phone: We only have 25.

Hark: Fine, make the other 877 supreme.

Hark: I live in Fantendo Mansion.

Hark: Charge it to a Mister Metal Locked. Phone: Okay they will bere there by 7:00.

Hark walks back inside and checks his universal watch, it reads 6:30.

Will more demons come?

Will Steel defeat Fire Master?

Will the pizzas get here on time?

And will Steel get his cheque?

Find out next time on Fandemonium/Eps.13

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