#11 Kung Fu Clyde
Hosted By ML
Eliminated N/A
Challenge A Kung Fu battle between rivals
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Clyde1998

This episode of Fandemonium contains all the stuff the others, but you probably wouldn't be reading this unless you read the other 10 episodes. It's is VERY SHORT!!

LAST TIME: The Producers were shot, Metal Locked v2 was shot.

ML: 3.14? What did you say?
3.14: Nothing.

Clyde: Nothing's on TV!
Flame: Do I care?
Clyde: Well, I do!
McBoo: God! Nothing to Do!
Pesh: What a load of $#!7!
McBoo: I know!
FM: Well, what's on the radio.
YE: We don't have one!
FM: Steel, ML - 8@$7@£)!
Steel: Why?
FM: You don't have a selection of channels for the TV, there's no radio, there's nothing to do... you're bloody retards!
ML: Easy! Easy... We'll find something to do, even if it means fighting!
Flame: What?
Clyde: Yes!
ML: Everyone!
All: What!?
ML: We're going to do something fun!
Clyde: I've found my iPod.
ML: Bugger!
McBoo: You brought an iPod?
Clyde: Well...
Flame: What you've got on there?
Clyde: Nothing much.
Bloop: What's going on?
ML: Clyde, Flame, Fire Master go outside and fight!
Clyde: What 2-on-1? I don't think so!
Flame & FM: Why?
Clyde: Why'd you think?
ML: Fine! 2-on-2. Clyde pick 1
Clyde: 9!$$ off!

Will there be a fight?
Will there be entertainment?
Will I Shut Up?
see: This!

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