#10 Times change, Flame dosen't
Hosted By ML
Eliminated N/A
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode JesseRoo

This episode of Fandeomnium contains all the stuff the other dids, but you probably wouldn't be reading this unless you read episode 9 which had swearing anyway so you probably don't care. Also sexual references

LAST TIME ON FANDEMONIUM ML and Steel devised a clever plan to destroy the universe (or get paid, same thing) and Hiro burped quite a lot

Heart: So... what are we doing now?
PKB: Dunno
ML: Well, me and Steel are off to get laid the producers to pay us
Steel: So, just don't break the house and if you have an exciting plot twist, set the camera's up first
Pesh: So you're literally suggesting that the show film itself?
ML: I suppose so
Heart: To the bedroom!
PKB: Okay
Flame: Oh god no that's disgusting
Heart: What?
Flame: You're going to the bedroom with a turtle
Heart: Uhh, I practically live in the bedroom of this mansion. At least I can talk to PKB without constant interrupt-
Everybody runs out of the house, and attempts to run across the road to get to the icecream man until they all slam into the forcefield
ML: I knew it would be worth installing that
Pesh: I thought you were out arguing with the producers?
Steel: We were, until Hiro burst in and shot them all
Everybody: .....
Steel: I was only joking
ML: We're here to ask about our pay.
Producers: The show has been absoloutely horrible, we're losing money from making it, why would we pay you?
Steel: Hey, we're only supposed to have a bit of swearing
Hiro: Well there hasn't been any oher swearing for the whole episode so, y'know
ML: Right...
Suddenly Hiro pulls out a gun and shoots the producers
Steel: You've saved the day!
Hiro: Hmm? Darnit wrong people (turns around to look at ML and Steel)
ML: *girl scream*
End flashback
ML: Yeah... joking... *attempts to hide the bullet holes all over him*
YoshiEgg: Yup!
Bloop: YoshiEgg wants to know why you're covered in bullet holes, Locke
ML: I... uhh... an old lady shot me!
YoshiEgg nods with statisfaction
Clyde: Since when do old ladies carry around guns?
3.14: Observing the unique nature of these bullets, one would be able to assume that they were fired from a machine gun, with the accuracy of a drunk as is evidenced by the fact that all of the collisions of the bullets with Locke seem to have been made relative to a central aiming location
Heart: I have no idea what he just said
Henrydamoose: I think it would be better if nobody did

Will they discover what 3.14 means?
Will the contestants discover that Steel was lying about lying about Hiro shooting the producers?
How is the show supposed to run without any producers?
Will Jesse write another episode?

You probably won't find the answer to any of those in Fandemonium/Eps.11 but read it anyway!

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